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Inoperative diff locks




As Jon says there is a switch on the transfer case. To get at it you need to crawl under the right (UK driver's) side roughly under the driving seat, and find the connection which is about 1 and a quarter inch inch diameter plug at about 1 o'clock (looking forward from the rear) on the transfer case.

With a bit of fiddling it will come out and you can try cleaning it up.

Another alternative is to forget the transfer case wiring and fit the dashboard switch. The wiring is already in there behind the dash, the switch was around =A350 (from Toyota) about 4 years ago when I fitted mine, and it is a 10 minute job. A big advantage of this is that you can choose when to engage the centre diff lock, in hi or lo range, and - just as importantly on tarmac - when not to. With the manual box there are no further wiring or ECU issues to worry about.

If you get really stuck I see you are in Sidmouth so you could come and have a look at mine: I'm just outside Tiverton, probably a bit less than an hour from you. Mine's a 1996 model with a manual box, but I shouldn't think it's significantly different underneath.

Christopher Bell
Devon, UK
1996 1HD-FT

I have recently bought a 1994 manual HDJ80 Landcruiser with ABS and no centre diff lock switch,the problem I have is that when I select low box the centre diff light does not come on and if I try and select diff locks for front or back the red symbol light flashs on the dash but do not stop flashing. I had it on a ramp yesterday and none of the diff locks appear to be operating. The previous owner, owned the vehicle for 7 years and claims he never took it off road and never used the diff locks. Any ideas?

Chris Cole
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I found a centre diff lock switch on eBay for ?30.
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Another issue is that the diff lock gets stuck if not used. Handbook
specifies to engage it weekly.
But without the flashing indicator, better check the switch first.
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The axle diffs wont lock until the wheel tries to spin.
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