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My premium was upped when I informed the insurers of my new address. I
asked them why this should be since the car is parked in a secure area
at night. Postcode lottery I guess. Anyway I said that my car was less
safer kept on the road, but they still insisted it was more unsafe where
it is now then where it was before.
They tried to slap on a premium, but I said, "okay, if you do this I'm
still not going to pay the difference" and then I upted the 100
liability to 400 - the p/o says it is still I guess there's not
that much difference either way, so now insurance is exactly as it was
When I took out the insurance through Quoteline Direct I did not state
any mods because in my reckoning, mods that affect premiums are alarms,
immobilisers and engine mods like intercoolers etc. And all I said was
that the alarm/immob was the bog-standard OE toyota factory fitted.
Nothing more was said. Apparently having a tracker does reduce your
premium, but they do play up, so I don't have one.
And on a slightly different note: Roman - do you remember a long time
ago when I first joined the 80sCool list we exchanged emails on how best
to disable/immobilise our Beasts when we were "off-roading"? like fuel
stop, these kinds of things? If I recall you said that for your Disco
you had devised a device to do something like this. Can this be done
for the TLC you reckon?


On Thu, 02 Dec 2004 11:19:44 +0000, Renate Haupt
<[Email address removed]> wrote:
Yes, it can and there are many ways of doing it. I prefer a solenoid
cut off valve in the fuel line. The trick is a) to hide the controls
and make the whole thing as little obvious as possible and b) building
in a bypass that needs to be even less conspicuous, but easy enough to
activate if the system plays up.
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80