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Intercooling - 1 HDFT



About 3 years ago I had a 4Runner 3.0 intercooled by Allard Turbosport in Monmouth. I think that the person who did the job left to set up his own business doing a similar thing. Generally speaking I was pleased with the results but I had to go over the installation carefully, holes not deburred that would cut the hoses, the hoses blew of the alloy pipes regularly until I added extra jubilee clips and reflared the ends of the pipes. I would agree that the tuning methods were not too scientific, when I came to collect the vehicle from the premises the performance was crap and nobody knew why. Looking at it later at home, I found that the pipe connected to the top of the boost compensation valve on the injector pump was disconnected. Refitted it- transformation. But -a bit of a schoolboy error. The intercooler and a freeflowing s/steel exhaust greatly improved the performance with no fuel economy penalties plus the price was good.
So what's my point - look under the bonnet of a 93 4Runner and a 97 HDFT . The HDFT , with all those vac pipes / vac and pressure solenoids is far more complex. Cutting the crossover pipe between the turbo and the inlet manifold leaves a lot of plumbing / electrics unsupported. The safari kit is expensive but it provides replacement cast alloy connections to the turbo / manifold. That will be my chosen route.
Rolling Roads / diesel tuning - a lot of garages say they know what they are doing - reality is often different. Any personal reccomendations ?
Does anyone want to buy a 93 4Runner ? It's sitting in my garage in need of a new owner now that I have my Landcruiser. E- mail me offline if interested.
Regards Gareth Jones.
'97 - 1-HDFT GX Newport S.Wales
Quoting Gareth Jones <[Email address removed]>:
I took once a LR 300TDi to a roling road at Power Engineering
Unit 8 Union Buildings, Wallingford Rd
Uxbridge Middlesex UB8 2FR
Tel: 01895 255699 ? main office
Tel. 01895 464646 ? RR booking
They did a good job and can be recommend.
London UK
'92 HDJ80
Hi Gareth,
Have you spoken to Andrew yet at Allisport yet to see what he does?
As far as I can tell, there is little between the cross over pipe and
the turbo to be affected. Also if you use the cross over pipe from a
1HZ engine you don't need to do any cutting.
It is very pretty, but I don't think that putting your own solution
together with a mix of silicone hoses and aluminium tubing will be that
much difference when it comes to performance.
Yes, you will get a bit of variety. The full benefits of an
intercooler or an upgraded exhaust can only really be realised on a
rolling road that will be able to take into account other issues like
engine wear, etc. A while back Paul Hannant recommended the following
company and quoted something like ?350 for tuning:-
I've CCed Paul in the hope he might chip in (and join the list).
(P.S. Sorry Paul if you have received multiple copies of this, I'm just
trying to sort out an email problem.)
I suppose the only way of finding a suitable rolling road/tuning house
is to find one that claims to work on Landcruisers and then ask to talk
to previous customers - if they are good at what they do, it shouldn't
be a problem.
Julian Voelcker
[Email address removed]
Mobile: 07971 540362
Cirencester, United Kingdom
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