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interior coatings



last week i drowned the pajero, not the first time and not the last!
only this time it was deeper than usual, as in my tyres weren't visible
beneath the water, and being 13 years old and having door seals that are
13 years old the water started to seep in until my legs were wet. so i
went home and reversed it up on two ramps to get the water to roll
forward so i could drain it out. this isnt that unusual for me! fired up
the industrial heater and went way for 2 days. carpets still wringing
wet so i took out the seats and centre console and carpets and started
mopping up. it looks like this soaking was one too many and now the
carpets are beyond saving. not a big deal, it just speeds up my interior
rebuilding plans. i have now removed all interior trim and seats and
carpets. i have rubbed down all the little rust spots and touched them
up. now i want to know if any of you guys have used rhino lining? or
some other sort of interior coatings on the floor of your vehicles? im
looking for something so i dont have to replace my carpets and something
that will keep the noise down??
sorry for the long winded post
Hey Brian
So what river did you cross. and really how deep was it.
Was it the Shannon by any chance, when i was in Atlone the other day I swear
i saw what i thought was a duck gently gliding across the water. But come to
think of it NOW, this duck was going againt the flow. So it was the top of
your snorkel wasn't it and not a duck at all.
Have you thought of a really cheap alternative to the Rhino.
I know the Rhino looks the biss but at what cost ,do you know.
What about going to Des Kellys and getting some cheap padded Lino now that
you have the seats out.
You could get enough to cover the floor two or three times.
Just make a template from a thinner Lino and away swimming you go.
I remember doing something like this with an Escort i had in the 70s and it
lasted for ages and ages.
By the way do you have the contact details for the steering box guy as this
will i hope be the next expensive job to fix.
john 92HDJ 80 1HDT
damn it, i cant go anywhere without being spotted! :) it was about
4foot deep. i didnt know that at the time though usually its only 2 1/2!
these things happen.
i dropped the pajero off with the rhino lining guy so he could look it
over and give me a quote and tell me what prep would be needed, for 200
euro he'll do as far back as the step in the floor ( the bit where the
rear seats go) and for another 300 he'll do the rest of the back end. so
im thinking i might go ahead with the front half for the moment and see
how it goes. i'll pop into des kellys on monday and look for a remnant
of the padded lino. that will do for the back end for the moment (read
that as permanent solution)
oh, ill dig out contact details for that guy on monday, its in my diary.
just remember, you'll have to arrange to get the box out, that bit he
wont do!