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intermittent grinding noise after transmission replaced


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Feb 27, 2021
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1994 landcruiser noise

My 1994 Cruiser (212k mi boat ramp rust bomb) began making a terrible quick grinding noise shortly after I had the transmission replaced. It seemed to only happen on deceleration initially. Then 2 or 3 times it did it for a much longer time (see video). My mechanic cannot replicate the noise and even with the helpful video, he doesn't seem to know where to begin. My brother seems to think the noise is related to the front axle worn pinion bearing and/or faulty pinion bearing preload since it appears there may be a leaking seal. I did have the front axle rebuilt several years and about 20k miles ago.
I'm not super mechanically savvy, so I'd appreciate any simply explained ideas!
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Sep 17, 2021
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This sounds a bit like mine. I can't see a link to your video (I'm on mobile) but is it anything like this?
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Oct 7, 2014
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Hi Ellen and welcome to the forum. You’ve found the right place for friendly helpful members with bags of experience.

Without viewing your video (no linkee) it could be a few things.
Firstly I have to ask why the transmission was replaced?

Initial guesses are that one of the driveshafts was separated and not put back together in the correct orientation (the universal joints have to be correctly aligned), or possibly worn UJ bearings. UJs need regular greasing, every 4000 miles. Neglect causes decay and they can make noises.

If it’s like Jake’s then I strongly suspect worn front driveshaft bushings which are allowing the CV joint stub shaft to ‘windmill’ round in the bushing within the front stub axle. There are relatively inexpensive parts to replace but a little work and a fair bit of grease and bearing setup and seals to be careful of, in changing them.

It could also be preload on the diff bearing or too much grease in a driveshaft spline causing it to lock and put load on the parts it’s attached to as the truck bobs up and down.

The vid may well help one of us home in on what it might be.