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Is the engine rusting??


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Dec 18, 2022
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Hi Legends!
Need your assistance,
attached are the photos of the VDJ78R 2019 engine with some parts appear like rusted and the rest of the engine looks like brand new, this is under the intercooler.

Is this something to worry about?
And why is it so?
Is there anything I should be doing?



I would give the engine a good clean with a paint brush dipped in degreaser , rinse it down well with fresh water and let it dry .

Then using an art paint brush touch up the brown stains with rust converter turning it black just because it looks better . Then apply an engine dressing of your choice which is basically a protective wax aimed at preventing oxidization .
Nothing unusual in that Troopyau, no different to most others.
Different metals react differently to moisture, a mixture of ferrous/non ferrous, whether cheaply painted (primer), cheaply plated, or left as they are.
Even cheap stainless steel can develop rust. Just prep what you can see, (unless you want to start dismantling parts), treat and paint.
Welcome to the forum by the way.
Could understand if it was a UK car where they spread salt on the roads so that our cars rust away and we'll go out and hopefully buy electric ones :)
Without knowing the history of the vehicle difficult to know but has it been driven on beaches ?
They shouldn't rust like that but Toyota are no different now to any other manufacturer and cost cutting on things like zinc plating etc in the engine bay where let's be honest the average owner never looks and is often hidden under a plastic cover is common.
If it's 2019 it may well be covered under warranty..... it's only 4 years old at most
Dishwashing liquid is a great degreaser because its about 80% salt !?!
Just to be sure i'm not misunderstood, what i'm saying is the rust may have been caused by washing the engine with wrong products .
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there will be a degree of moisture ingress underneath a top mounted intercooler. am i right in thinking it does still rain in oz?

be under no illusions, toyota paint and coatings on there engines is terrible. ive had new engine parts scratched back to bare metal and sections of parts that are bare metal.
From what I've seen on documentaries and others in and around Oz, they can get something like monsoons, dependant on areas.
Maybe the OP could enlighten us all if he comes back ?