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Thanks. 120k miles has just rolled around, so it's getting a new cam belt + associated idler pulleys & bearings. The latter are expensive and OEM only it seems :-{, so no LPG powered treats this month!
I'm pondering Skype. I've just acquired an ex-work 1GHz Pentium III (for =A325!) that would have enough grunt to run it, and the idea of cutting down the cost of the weekly mother (at home) / daughter (at University)natter appeals. To introduce some LC content: they are clocking up roughly one cam-belt's worth of call charges a month!
| Hi Christopher,
| > Yes please.
| David Blackett was the chap from the list that mentioned it -
| he had been dealing with Andrew Graham at
| - they also do the intercoolers.
| There is nothing on the site about it, but worth giving him a ring.
| > Ps: Totally off-topic. I see you've got Skype - how do you find it?
| Not bad - I know more and more poople moving over to it.
| Ideally you should pickup one of the USB handsets from ebay
| to make the most of it, although I survive using the mike and
| speakers plugged into the computer.
| I've not bothered with the Skpe Out function for cheap calls
| because I have moved our office over to full VoIP phones anyway.
| Most the time I just use it in chat mode.
| On the security side, it has got pretty good recently and now
| that ebay own it I suspect they will keep on top of things.
| --
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