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its done and hopfully dusted



Hi guys
I got the rear wheel carrier fitted yesterday and it looks fine. This guy
and myself took four hours to do it. We had lots of tricky bits, its really
tight in at the rear pillar and when you are trying to use wrenches and hold
nuts(the metal type of course) it is difficult. Anyway it done and he made
a couple of little brackets for the inside I would say about 2 x 1 inch just
enough to spead the weight.. I know why I got a carrier because when I was
lowering the spare wheel I bent one of the bars and twisted two of the ends
on the other bars. Now all I have to do is relocate the reg plate and thats
it. But if like some of you said that you get a chance to look at the
brackets or get photos well then i would still be interested to compare
which is better. Thanks for all the help with this. I hope now to get the
exhaust welded today which should keep it for a while.
John C
92HDJ 80 1HDT Ireland