JB's Axle



Hey JB, no great problem and to put it into context I usually put 2 in a year.
Its the usual problem we all get on the longshaft side of the axle with the
extra vibration and all. Milner sell genuine Toy as well as alternative
seals. Some say the original has an extra flexible ridge between outer
moulding and the inner lip with the spring round it, and is thus more wear
resistant. I don't know about that but they seem to let go just as quick as
the alternative seals and they only cost about 2 quid fifty. The fitting of
them is a lot of 'fun'. So unless you have yanked all that out before, then
go to that plant fitter I told you to get friendly with about 6 months ago
- you found one didn't you ?
The plug in the top of the housing is to allegedly top up the grease, not
oil. This seal keeps the axle oil from getting though and mixing with the
Birfield grease in the swivel housing. And you know the axle filler oil is
at the front of the pumpkin.
The swivel seals are easy to do and again, Milner sell them at a reasonable
price, in fact if I remember its a kit with the axle seal too. Shows you
that its a common problem. Alternatively for the shaft seal itself you can
get one at any bearing supplier, just tell them you want an oil seal that
is - 35X50X10.
But don't leave it, next thing will be oil on your brakes, and I don't need
to tell you what happens next.
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus in Bosnia - where I had to watch the Irish getting
humiliated with a Welsh commentary on Sky S4C Digidol ! That got the Irish
bar rocking I'll tell you.


Hi guys
Thanks to you all for the info on my leaking seal. Its a real pain in the
arse cause this is the third one to go in as many years. If this is going to
be the norm for the seals then it would be great to see it done and then
from there on I could do it myself. So Jon when are you coming over to fix
it for me, and no I have not found a fitter or even some one I would trust
to do any thing on the cruiser yet. Its easy to find the garage but then
when you talk to them and things like ,well we hav'nt worked on your type of
what was it called again, o ye a VX, is that like the other cruisers. So yet
again I walk away and say to myself no way am I giving it to this guy. Hey
mik could you not move closer to me and thanks for the info, and just so you
know I am one of these people who want to learn but have absolutly no
background in cruisers or anything like that and so am nervious of trying.
Just incase I mess it up even worse than it was to start with and then we
have no transport at all. Then I need to get it towed to my Toyota garage
for the big bill. Then I have my brain fried because I knew I should have
left it alone and the wife at me aswell. I would love to as you say Jon buy
the seals, greease and all from milner but it would be a head wreaking
experience to attempt it on my own.
I am really going to have to get some nice person to do these things with me
helping, easier said than done. If for the time being I keep the grease and
diff oil toped up and power wash it before the test ,it should be ok YES.
Has anyone an actual step by step on how to do it and than I will really see
that I should not even think about it.
John C
92HDJ 80 1HDT Ireland
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