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JB's brake upgrade



JB wrote...
Because I have changed from the 15 inch wheel there is now
more room for larger calipers is there not. How do I know what larger
calipers will fit if any. I was just thinking that larger calipers equals
better braking does it not.
Hey JB, before you worry about the calipers make sure the caliper and
discs are matched as disc size varied in two dimensions - remember I
reported on this last December on replacing my discs and I wrote (quote)...
This time he had Italian made 'Brembo' discs. Mine are the 286mm X 25mm
version - they are a smaller diameter of the two different variants fitted
to the model 80 after 1990, I think the other is 310mm X 32mm. The box
label reads thus -
Brembo. 09.5866.10 - applicable to Toyota, 43512-60050
(The latter being the Toy parts number) ...end quote.
So you have to get all the right matching bits, especially if you
source 2nd hand from one of the importers of these parts from Japan or via
mail order from UK breakers. I have also heard that the later calipers -
requiring more boost - require a different servo boost set-up.
Brembo by the way are fitted by Ferrari amongst others, and are recognised
as being of very good quality. I guess that if you found the recognised
supplier in Ireland he could at least order them for you.
Your Milners diesel additive dispenser is now in the post to you by the way.
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus from Bosnia, now sharing time between Alfold Surrey
and Tring Herts.