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Job for a piston head in Indonesia



I am about to turn down a job offer in Jakarta selling modified 4x4's to
mine operators. It is for a company that hardens new vehicles for difficult
terrains and is enjoying some success. The role is mostly a sales / account
management position with regular trips to client sites (remote mines) to
assess and discuss requirements. The job comes with a relocation package
including an exec home in Jakarta, a company 4x4 and a yearly return flight
home. The pay is lower average by UK standards but is tax free due to the
location of the company HQ. There are also performance and sales bonuses
that have potential to be *very* good (some current clients have placed
orders in excess of USD 4 million). The company is small so anyone who is
useless at selling and business relationship management will stick out and
be dismissed quickly.
I have had to pass on it after failing to convince the wife and kids to come
with me but there's bound to be someone on this list who will be a good
match for the role. I'll be at Lincombe if anyone wants to discuss it
further. I'm in Jakarta the following week to convey my apologies so it
would be good to have a potential replacement candidate CV with me.