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Just as Chris said...

Some of the comments about average age of members made me smile...
I have a group of fantastic mates who despite our illusions are all getting older and when we worked out our average age it was 54.....
Solved this issue by allowing a 27 year old and a mates son who is 17 to be classed as members of the group . ;-)
After a day wrestling the rear half axles of a tractor I'm now starting to think age is creeping up on me.... especially as I've been looking at a Lapierre E full suss MTB as no longer look forwards to hills.... coupled with the fact the wife just got a Giant Stance E + full suss bike and it's fantastic on hills .
Agree with comments about Honda's and also that every vehicle is now too reliant on electronic gizmos ....
@Jake the Peg - ooooh they look nice, maybe get back on two wheels in the not too distant future :). I'm on the road to Torr Dhuin, happy to meet up in the village for a coffee.
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And pictures of the LC and Blade...... ?
You can't go to the garage in the have too many toys ;-)
There's Two reasons right there to get better real quick, Love the old RD 07..... Iv been looking for a while.. There are some cracking 650 Africa Twins on ebay.. That would finish off your collection.... Not sure about the CRF... Its only because im old 'Skool' and anything with more than 3 buttons Frightens me.I was looking at them in my Local Honda dealer the other day........ Its a shame we cant ride two horses with one Arse, So to speak :lol: .... Honda XVR650 Africa Twin | eBay - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]....Get well soon Mate
I have this old fella for falling off too, the new AT is superb to ride, a little more power and a bit more fun in the twistys, but I don’t think I’ll manage to scrape the pegs like on the old 750
This is all i can Muster at the moment Jake..But very Impressed for a small Bike, I guess its the little brother to the Africa Twin.... I suppose its a bit like owning a 120 , But you really want the 80 :lol: (Sorry just Kidding).... Get well Soon Everyone

Get that clutch cable run sorted.....
I like the wisp of smoke from the pipe ;-)
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Sorry about your attack Jake, but seems like you had a lucky escape this time. I’m feeling guilty, 69 next bday, smoke too much and not enough jigging, bloody-well asking for it, really…
Hope you’ll make a full recovery buddy… and be quick about it :thumbup:
@clivehorridge Thanks very much :) my recovery has been a bit of a battle with medications having not so desirable effects mixed up with long waiting times to see someone who would change things, doing fairly well now and expecting to be going back to work soon, albeit I have just broken a small bone in my elbow while cycling with the wee fella!