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Just Joined - IRL



Good to see another Irishman on the board - even if I'm not that close!
I'm in Ireland for a week in Dec (want parts?)- wedding so looking forward
to some greenery, rain an grey skies get sick of the blue skies here every
day :)
Where are u located?
I brought my rig in 96 and went back to live in Uk (Scotland) with the
intention of selling it. Never did; but converted it to run on LPG and was
able to get a cheap supply (aka farmers and got own pump). That made things
more affordable but you still need to weigh up the conversion price etc. (I
believe u can still get kits available - at least in the UK but once they
change the law it will have to be certified fitted). I'll still assemble
most of the hardware and install yourself and let Lpg guys do the final
assemble and tuning.
I used to get most of my parts from US (via Christo)- helped that I flew
back every now and again. Wouldn't even consider buying parts from a Toyota
dealer in IRL - be cheaper to get from UUK or NL.
Milners in the UK aren't bad as well.
You should see some more cruisers appearing in IRL due to Japanenese
imports and the more affulent Irish!
I've one or two other 80s in IRL - would need to look at my contacts - one
guy was working on wind-farms.
Drop me an email to [Email address removed]
Lal - still wandering and now in Colorado
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Hello Guys
Name John Byrne
country Ireland
Cruiser 1992 VX Amazon 4.2 turbo diesel
I just joined today and I am hoping this will be a good forum for all of
us cruiser people. Is there a section with different topics or does one just
send in e-mails in this way. If any one has the vx type cruiser I would like
to hear from you. In Ireland it is crap to own a cruiser because they are
too expensive to buy and own and maintain.
They cost ?110.000 to buy new, the road tax here in Ireland is ?1350 per
year, there are only a few garages that will work on the engine because it
is a six cylinder engine.
Where is the best place to buy parts in europe and the cheapest. My VX
cruiser is so rare in Ireland that I can not find one in a breakers yard to
buy second hand parts. So if any one knows where there is one in a breakers
yard in Ireland please tell me.
What problems have people had with their VX cruisers because I have had a
good few which cost a lot of money to put right.
Where is a good place to buy some graphics for the cruiser.
john c