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KERR ropes



"Has anyone any knowledge or experience of the KINETIC tow ropes,
Are they any good, do they do what they say on the tin, are they any use on
Road or just for off road use."

Hi John,
I have used in the past what we called in South Africa a snatch or tuggum
strap to good effect, extracting a stranded vehicle with ease, which
otherwise would have most likely needed a double vehicle winch pull.
Basically what happened is a friend and I was driving along the beach when
we came across a small river crossing. My friend underestimated the water
depth and current flow and got stuck in the middle. Within seconds the water
washed all the sand from underneath the wheels and the car was laying solid
on it=92s chassis, water starting to seep though the door seals.
I was luckily on a stretch of wet sand and with the snatch strap securely
tied both end reversed with just enough speed to build up the required
momentum to extract his vehicle.
I agree, in the wrong hand this piece of kit can do serious damage, but if
you stick to the basic rules you will find the snatch strap a valuable tool.
Having said that I must also add that in the 5 years in the UK I have not
once used my snatch strap, mainly because we=92re almost always either in
rocky or muddy terrain where one can=92t use a straight line snatch strap
I have a great book=85 =93The complete guide to FOUR-WHEEL DRIVE=94 written by
Andrew St Pierre White. Andrew is a legend in Southern Africa and has
written a couple of books. In this particular book his summary of the snatch
strap is =93The kinetic strap is the single most innovative invention for the
off-roader in the past twenty years=94.
With my experience I agree wholeheartedly with Andrew, however as said
before, you need to stick to the rules and also be in a situation where the
snatch strap is the best tool for extracting the stranded vehicle

best regards
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