KZJ78 for sale in Kenya.

Watamu LC Oct 4, 2018

  1. Watamu LC

    Watamu LC New Member I am in kenya

    Dear all,

    The time has come for me to part with my much loved KZJ78W-PET.
    It has been a pleasure to drive and hope that it will go to a good home.
    The car is located in Watamu, Kenya and am hoping to find a serious buyer through these forums.
    If you know of someone, please feel free to share this ad and put them in touch with me.

    The specs:
    -built 01/1996 - so one of the last ones that was made!
    -just over 133,000 km on the odometer (genuine!)
    -1KZ-TE engine that starts & runs very well
    -automatic gearbox
    -ECU was replaced in 2016 by Denso factory rebuilt unit (I still have the broken unit)
    -no rust on the chassis or on the body
    -straight chassis and body, never been in a crash
    -original paint (26Z) but roof, bonnet & wing were starting to flake, so these were resprayed. Roof is now white which keeps the car much cooler.
    -interior is in great condition, always had seat covers on
    -all electronics work (windows, wing mirrors, seat, hub locks, aircon)
    -various pieces of trim replaced (wheel arch rubbers, interior handles, door seals, etc.)
    -full service history since I owned it, so from early 2015.
    -almost all replacement parts are genuine Toyota (receipts available), some from other Japanese brands
    -all paperwork & registration is in order

    The garage where it has been maintained valued it at about Ksh. 2.1 million (US$21,000) and said it is one of the best examples of this model in Kenya.

    I am putting it out on the market for Ksh. 1.8 million (US$18,000), or the nearest offer.

    Feel free to send me any other questions that you may have.


    1DSC_0202-4.jpg 2DSC_0227-14.jpg 3DSC_0230-15.jpg 4DSC_0195-1.jpg 5DSC_0197-2.jpg 6DSC_0198-3.jpg DSC_0204-5.jpg DSC_0205-6.jpg DSC_0209-7.jpg DSC_0211-8.jpg DSC_0213-10.jpg DSC_0214-11.jpg DSC_0216-12.jpg DSC_0219-13.jpg DSC_0234-16.jpg DSC_0236-17.jpg DSC_0239-18.jpg
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  2. Naftali Thaithi

    Naftali Thaithi New Member Supporter I am in kenya

    Exactly what I am looking for but not enough money, yet.
  3. Peter55

    Peter55 New Member I am in switzerland

  4. Peter55

    Peter55 New Member I am in switzerland

    hi, is your Prado box sold now?
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