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KZJ78 won´t fire up

smokey pete

New Member
Aug 5, 2011
hi, haven´t been here in a while.
located in Austria, close to Vienna.
bought my KZJ78 back in 2012 from Birmingham and went through some trouble. turbo died within few thousand km, head died right after, engine never seemed too agile, tuned up and down, increased boost, bigger turbo until a piston blew up, now an exchange engine out of a 90 series which had similar mileage and it runs so nicely , like never before.
anyways, lots of work done lately, some welding, front axle seals, u joints, some bushes etc to get her fit for inspection.

seemed all so good...

can´t believe the bad luck I am having with the truck.

saturday morning I got in the truck and it started spot on after sitting weeks in the cold driveway, temps here in central Europe around zero at the moment.
just moved it out of the driveway to make room for work on the Delica - latest addidtion to the car trouble park - and when I wanted to move it back in same day but 6 hrs later it would not start at all.
now the fact part:
glow plug light - not on at all, no current to glow plugs
engine check light - not on at all when turning ignition on, same as glow plug light
injection pump gets around 11V which I believe is ok from previous reads on previous problems?
but: injection pump does not get triggered.
the engine turns and turns but there is absolutely no fuel to injectors, no smoke at all nothing, just dry dead
would start up using starting agent but instantly dies

I have now located the glow plug relay and starter relay, glow plug relay not powered.

where do I find the main relay that goes by no. 85915-60030? are there two of it? parts reference picture is showing two units but not exact location. would that be a logical break down or even ECU failure?

any guesses?



Well-Known Member
Feb 2, 2013
Attack everything with wd-40 its displaces water which got somewhere it shouldn't because of the freeze ?


Well-Known Member
Apr 30, 2010
Had a similar problem some years ago but on the 1KZ TE engine .In my case it was intermittent and temperature sensitive ,cold weather caused it .The problem was finally tracked down to a PCB located behind the fuse box in the cab , below & to the right of the steering wheel. A couple of the components had dry joints & a mate re soldered them , job done.
I have a 1KZ engine manual PDF , it's got a file on the starting system .Let me know if you want a copy.


Active Member
May 27, 2015
Now My KzJ78 1KZ-te wont start so far I have only found no diesel to the injectors. I bypassed the fuel filter (New) and used a boat primer and plenty of fuel is getting through. Has anyone had a similar problem? Looking at the manual there seems to be a load of sensers that could effect injection via the ECU. Any help appreciated.