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Land cruiser 3 litre diesel 2007 5 door 185K miles

I would think any 1KD (D4D) would be ok as long as it's injector seats have been done and you get into the habit of checking the oil pickup every service
My other thought is buying a lower mileage unit, as these engines are in my opinion bullet proof till the magic 180K, so I was talking to a customer yesterday who had a Toyota Landcruiser that seized an engine @ 185K and got a replacement. If you buy a used unit at say £1500 or less with around 100K miles I would possibly take the gamble and open sump drain and flush with new oil a few times. The cost for refurbishment / all the cleaning / grinding cranks / debris in all the oil passageways / piston change out etc / turbo strip / EGR clean etc etc etc just goes on. My car at present if engine was okay is around £6-7.5 K so it would be cheaper to do the engine. So I am sitting on this one and doing my research, I wonder if UK forum people know of any available.
On the last note I feel that these engines are going to fail at around 180 k due to progressive oil starvation unless the sump is removed to check. My son in law has a Toyota Hilux coming up to 160 K and I say get it on the ramp now.
Worth checking the 120 section on the other forum too, maybe run your ideas past Cyprus based TonyC (120 engine expert) on there.

My understanding is these engines only suffer with oil starvation if the injector seats haven't been changed or the injectors aren't changed when they're supposed to be.

Anyone know where this has happened when the injectors have been done as per recommendations?
Someone on the other forum has spent a lot more than that to get the engine as to near brand new as he can, machining/replacing/cleaning parts, which took a long time with professional help, from inital stripdown/inspection to rebuild and run. Time well spent for that amount.
Agree Karl, TONYC11 is the man for these engines.
As an aware owner like yourself, through information from various sources, I am of the same opinion regarding injectors/seats and including oil/filter change at recommended or sooner, and that all important look through the sump plug hole each time.
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@Bash Sometimes though if you don't know the full history of a vehicles maintenance..... I bought mine with 224k miles on it and it didn't bother me as everything else i.e. chassis was in good condition. I've had quite a few bits replaced or replaced myself and nothing untoward then suddenly clouds of white smoke after I'd driven only about 80 miles last September. Guessing it might be the turbo or worse as water was disappearing as well turns out to be a cracked head (in 3 places) but it drove faultlessly back home which probably made matters worse but I trusted my Collie. I've got a rebuilt 1KZ engine from a Hilux/Surf and hopefully will be back on the road in the new year. End of the day these motors are worth the cost to keep, getting rid was never in my mind. Final cost is likely to be circa £3k for mine. Good Luck whatever route you choose.
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Bash, sorry to hear about your engine failure. After reading this forum a long time ago I replaced my injector seals and eventually closed the EGR. I changed the oil recently and took the sump off to clean the strainer,not too bad in there,but after reading about your personal experience I'll always take off the sump guard when oil changing.
I flushed out the old oil which I don't normally do and after a few weeks it's the 1st time I still have green clean oil,after 50 years of changing oil in disels. I've always thought that diesel engine oil was black!
I'm on 150,000 miles now and offroad every day,I've never had a car that does everything before,I hope you stay with the 120's.