Land Cruiser 80 Series Main Beam Head Lights Stopped Working


I am in uk
Aug 12, 2012
Belfast, Northern Ireland
Hi Folks!

The main beam in my 1994 80 series stopped working recently. I still have dipped beam, but as soon as I switch to the main beam (using the lever next to the steering wheel), all headlights turn off and I only have sidelights.

From the research I've done, I understand this is a fairly common issue with the 80 series and is generally caused by the relays (see pictures below for reference).

I've trawled the internet to try to buy replacement relays, but have come unstuck. questions are:
  1. Has anyone else experienced this and if so, how did you resolve? I did a quick search here on this forum but didn't find any threads (although I may not have searched thoroughly enough).
  2. Does anyone have any ideas of where I could source new relays in the UK?
  3. If not new, do you know a good source of reconditioned relays?
Thanks in advance for any input!


frank rabbets

Well-Known Member
Mar 1, 2010
Got mine from Toyota. They just need the reg number. The sockets were burnt as I cleaned them and also twisted the spades on the new relays 10 degrees to give them a forced in contact.
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