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Land Cruiser LJ78 Prado EX


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Sep 29, 2015
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Just realised that I've never present my latest Toy here. It's a Land Cruiser LJ78 Prado SX, Winter spec, pretty stock, except the wheels (BFG 32/11.5/15 on some aftermarket alloys),

I have some big plans for it, including an engine swap, suspension lift, a winch and some "expedition setup".

I'll update the topic as soon as I'll start to modify it.

31681643_608291866188048_4048480763560067072_n.jpg 31682449_608291859521382_7256698622161453056_n.jpg 31713387_608291732854728_554137445034098688_n.jpg 32191551_612616112422290_9180882170208583680_n.jpg 32205916_612616139088954_8047793579034148864_n.jpg 32207352_612616049088963_9079509435805597696_n.jpg
Nice! :clap:

Auto or manual?

Factory rear diff lock? :think:
Hi, Ben! "Unfortunately" it's an auto and no rear factory diff lock, just the usual LSD.
I really like the auto, with all that negative points, that's why, if I'll swap the engine I will try to keep it. Maybe a torque converter look up will help.

Anyway, for the moment I plan to use it as it is. After a week it will be replaced by the Patrol until it will receive all the mods ...

Few pics taken in a short trip last weekend:

32875002_1860257794007628_8366844876725157888_n.jpg 33082991_1860257567340984_3842193505808023552_n.jpg 33139049_1860257530674321_4659293630664540160_n.jpg 33105809_1860257617340979_4670670444980862976_n.jpg 33066055_1860257454007662_1980415772442230784_n.jpg
You've got rid of the arches before the rust goes around the rivet holes there man! If you can get to the inside of the guards and seal up the removed rivet holes with a plate and sealant to fill the the holes, then you could well halt any further rust etc! I like your 78 man. My 78 has the exact same alloy wheels..
If you go for a 1kzt (e) conversion I've read previously that the 2lte loom does work the auto when you convert to 1kzte. Your best to do your own investigations. Failing that to convert to manual at the same time would give you great gearing with the larger tyres that you have!
Good luck with it bro!:thumbup:
Thank you so much, Iwan! I'll keep in mind your advice and off course, I will update this thread as soon as I will start to do all the mods.
Hi folks . Good advice on the rust around arches. I've a Lj78. ..91. Sx5 . It's going for rust repair next week ... really looking forward to sticking up some pictures after . New turbo went in today, I was hoping for less smoke coming out the exhaust, I may need more of a adjustment on my reconditioned fuel pump... I'm making her sound like trouble. Any advice would be very welcome. I had her 12 years much loved by me and my family. This is my first post .
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