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Landcruiser FJ40



try contacting a friend of mine at toyota east africa:
hideo tsukiji
technical manager
[email address removed]
jeremy "--" -- | united kingdom | kenya | zimbabwe
m +44 (0)7878 010 352 | h +44 (0) 1273 600 793 | s | www
q "i've been dropped into the kalahari desert, carrying nothing more than a
toothbrush and a pack of sherbert lemons, and i still found my way to
bulawayo before ramadan."


Hi Chris,
Another 40 series member on ELCO, welcome. Information on early LC is quite
sparse, particularly early 60's, after that date there is lots of
information, particularly from the US.
One useful source of information is on a US parts supplier, ,
this page has serial for the chassis and 37119 looks good for late 1965.
Interesting you write 1958 GC, is that stamped on a data plate or just
notation? As you thought the 40 series didn't come out that early, 1958
would have been an FJ25 (worth some money for rarity alone anywhere I would
The 4.2L engine is a 2F, the update of the F engine, your engine number
looks like an F (if it was a 4.2L it should look like something like
Engine number F290409 is an Aug 1969. F engines are 3878cc, almost as
powerful as the 2F, the 2F has a better oiling system.
Quite a comprehensive faq here
The FJ40 technical section of the forum on is very active and
Sorry to hear about your unplanned engine stripdown and apologies if I have
just given you some links you already know about, if you want me to post up
any questions on let me know although you might have more
luck with parts in Africa than I do here in the UK.
Stafford (UK)
FJ45 '75 & FJ45 '76
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Subject: [ELCO] Landcruiser FJ40
My name is Chris Hall, I live in Ethiopia and have what I believe is an
FJ40. The log book gives the engine number as F213837, Chassis Nr as
FJ40-37119 and the year of manufacture as 1958 GC. I have been unable to
locate a VIN anywhere on the body and I understand that this is needed to
order spare parts. The engine is 4.23 l petrol in line 6 cylinder.
Recently a rather overeager mechanic in Ethiopia took the engine block apart
without prior agreement (there was nothing wrong with the engine!) and I am
now looking for a gasket set, valve guides, piston rings, main bearings,
con-rod bearings, a set of points / contacts,=A0and steering damper shock
absorber (obviously nothing to do with the engine). =A0
=95 Can anyone direct me to where I might be able to find a VIN number? I have
the Haynes manual but am not sure how relevant that is.
=95 Can anyone help on the year of manufacture as I have not been able to find
any FJ40's older than 1962. Ethiopia operates the Julian calendar so it is
possible that the date of Manufacture is 1965 rather than 1958.
=95 Can anyone advise where I might be able to get the spare parts?
Any help gratefully appreciated.
Many thanks
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