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Landcruiser... the only vehicle that survives Arnhem Land, Australia.

Tony Ryan

New Member
Oct 13, 2020
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I have a problem. I cannot get my head around the mechanics of the rear axle /hub assembly. The front? No problem. it seems straightforward to me.

More specifically, I don't understand the oil seal configuration of the rear axle. The reason I am grappling with this, is that it is leaking diff oil. My manual shows only one oil seal, a replacement of which I possess. But this seems to me to contain the hub and bearing grease and I don't see how it prevents oil from drifting from the diff to the hub. My question is: how many oil seals are installed in the rear axle/hub of a Landcruiser Troopie HZJ75? If only one, then no worries, I can fix the leak. But if there are more seals needed, I need to know before disassembling.

A second question: does it require opening up the diff to remove the lock washer on the axle spline end, or is there no lock washer on a HZJ75 rear axle?

This issue is urgent, by the way, as I need to cross the continent very soon, to escape a possible covid lockdown, which would lock tropical me into an icy desert exile. Unsurvivable.


tony Ryan