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LandCruiserClub + ELCO = ...

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Feb 24, 2010
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We are pleased to announce the merger of (LCC) and the European Land Cruiser Owners club (ELCO). As part of the merger there will be re-branding of the LCC forums as the European Land Cruiser Owners Club forums which will create a long awaited upgrade to ELCO's resources.

Only the name of the LCC forums is changing, how things are run and the general ethos is unchanged. We feel this merger creates a super resource for Land Cruiser owners to have access to and look forward to developing a healthy club for all Land Cruiser owners to enjoy.

The ELCO email list will continue to exist but there may be changes to where and how it is hosted, the options are being investigated. We intend that as part of this merger the possibilities for some integration between the forums and email list will be explored and where possible, links between the two will be made.

Also, we're going to be busy working through the old ELCO posts and putting them up here as a 'body of knowledge' for people to use when looking for various bits of information, from technical to travel. We hope to have this added to over time, and to make it a 'font of collected wisdom'.

Should you have any queries or comments, please post in the thread below, or pop a PM to one of the (current) Administrator / Moderator crew, named below.

We hope this goes a long way to settling any doubts, strengthening the community, and helps to create a cohesive whole, which will support the club, and facilitate its growth, eventually allowing it to be the natural choice for information for Toyota Land Cruiser owners, in the UK, Europe and world-wide.


The Team

Gary Stockton
Julian Voelcker
Jon Wildsmith
Andrew Prince
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