Laws 4 carrying kid in front



do u have an airbag on the front ps?
If so I believe your kids needs to be at least 6-8 yrs (not sure of the
age). I think in reality its more weight related so if u feed him lots of
spuds u might be ok.
The AA web site should have info like that
PS Good to see ya trying on the diff oil change. I nearly always have to
bang/bash/file my diff drain sump ring as it gets bashed around a bit
(wonder why?) and rarely can I get the socket in first go.
I find a breaker bar (daft name) or put a long pipe on your socket bar to
length it and that can make a huge difference getting any stuck bolt off.
Little heat (and then some cooling i.e. water) via propane torch can also
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The child can sit from birth, if there is a car seat
If the child can be secured there is no problem with them sitting up front.
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Hi Guys
I am seriously thinking about a little trip to the UK soon to stack up on a
load of parts, oils and basically anything that I can fit into the cruiser.
Irish ferries are doing an offer of half price sailings to the UK So Im
going to compile a list and see what I can cram in the cruiser. The offer
brings me into Pembroke so I will be looking for any thing that I can take
back with me. Im going to try MIlner, Difflock just to think of a few. I am
looking for steel wheels and off road tyres, but they seem to be pricy so it
might take a while. If any of you have any ideas please tell me. Im also
going to look into Amsoil cause I can't get it here and a roof rack might
help with the stuff, im sure I will think of other things aswell. Whet is
the legal age a kit can sit in the front in the UK, Because im thinking of
leaving the wife behind and taking the klittle fella who is nine , so that
way I have more room in the cack with the seats down.
JOhn C
92HDJ 1HDT Ireland
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