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LC '92 Radio antenna



Bosch do a very efficient ribbon aerial which is contained on a spool
which sticks on the lower corner of the windscreen and is then pulled
out and stuck around the edge. I am told that if the screen needs
replacing the ribbon is easily removed and stuck onto the replacement.
Rubber duck aerials are available from Halfords in a range of colours
even. We also use them on canal boats so they are generally available
at any chandler.
The only problem with these aerials is that the mast is held on by
one exposed screw, so are therefore eminently nickable by idle hands.
The yobs usually start by flicking the mast as it flexes so easily,
then they see the screw and soon remove it with a penknife. You end
up with the base socket on the wing as it is usually secured by a nut
underneath the wing. It may be a pain to fit, but a retractable
aerial is best if you are either parking in a city centre in UK or
leaving it out overnight when overlanding in unfamiliar countries. It
was the need for repeated removal of mine (and subsequent precaution
of unscrewing it every time I parked) that also made me change my
standard Vanuatu reg plates, as I could see the same groups of yobs
eyeing-up the 80 each time I parked it in supermarkets in Sarajevo.
The 80 is such a large vehicle anyway that any means of making it as
inconspicuous as possible is a good idea and the yobs go and play
with another more attractive vehicle.
'92 HZJ80 ex UN Bosnia surplus


Just a small comment on aerials:
Both the windscreen type and the short rubber whip are mainly for FM
reception. For AM, there's nothing like a long simple whip, preferably
roof mounted; like if you need BBC World Service in Africa, or somewhere
else faraway. I've seen long fibreglass whip which you just unscrew by
hand in 10 secs.
Ugo Hu, Oslo, Norway
HDJ100 AHC 2001, ex HZJ80