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LEAK! Unsure of what this is or how to fix! Please help


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Jun 30, 2019
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Not the most mechanically minded but I have a leak in what looks like a coolant line but I am unsure.

Is it an easy fix? If so can anyone link me to the part I will need.

Thank you,
It's hard to see, but that does look like a coolant hose. If it's a straight hose, all you need is a piece of 16mm coolant hose (or 5/8"). Also check if the hose clamp is still ok, I can't see if there even is a hose clamp on?

The routing of the hoses do look different than the 1FZ-FE's that I know, so i'm 100% it's a coolant hose. I'm also not near my truck, so can't double check.
What's the colour of the fluid?
Its known as the pesky heater hose, an internet search will bring up various pictures, tips and swearing regarding its replacement!
Did mine while the cylinder head was removed.
I first thought that it was the PHH, but I don't remember it being so accessible? I could be wrong