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leaking cv



Hi guys
I left the cruiser into Mr T this morning regarding the still leaking CV joint.
They said they did it twice with new seals including the inner seal but it still leaks.
I let it go for a while because I thought and they said it was only extra grease forcing its way past the seal.
But now it appears to be diff oil aswell so I left it back into them.
Now just in conversation they hinted that it may be a problem with the inner shaft causing the seals to fail.
Im just really suspecious of them at times.
I dont know if the first or second seal went in at all.
So my question is other than a inner seal failure what could cause the mixture to come out.
I would have thought if the new CV they fitted or the shaft had problems I would feel it, would I not or notice it in some other way.
And is it not the job of the seal to stop the fluids mixing in the first place not the shafts.
Ah thats just me thinking but what do you think.
john 92HDJ 80 1HDT


Hi John,
Wear on the half shaft can cause grease and oil to pass the inner axle seal - the key thing is to ask them to take a photo of the half shaft - I can tell you if it is worn enough to let oil or grease passed.
If there is a worn dip in the half shaft you can get past it a little by forcing the inner axle seal further into the axle - you have a couple of mm to play with which should be enough.
The other thing is that they end up fighting to get the CV and half shaft correctly in to the axle it is possible to damage the inner axle seal when you put weight on it - the spring in the seal can get loose.
When you get it back do check the bront breather - if this is blocked it could be the cause of the problem forcing oil out as the axle heats up and then sucking grease into the diff as it cools.
Hope that helps.
Julian Voelcker
07971 540362
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