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Lincomb Activities: SATURDAY ONLY

What do you want to do on Saturday?

  • Option 2: Laning at Long Mynd (max 8 places in 2 groups)

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Andrew Prince

Well-Known Member
Feb 23, 2010
To all the Lincomb-goers,

We need to try and manage the traffic on the various events at Lincomb, as has been mentioned in other threads.
There are a number of options available on Saturday and Sunday - Saturday appears to be more of a crunch because some people are coming just for the day!

If you want to go 'laning then choose a group. The laning options are for a long but very picturesque trip to Wales to drive the legendary Strata Florida, which will be a full day affair, so be ready to roll promptly at 9am. Or you can opt for a more local drive along Long Mynd, which will get you back at the farm by mid-afternoon. Both routes should not involve much risk of damage, although a few scratches are possible.

A reminder to everyone, if you have a CB, please bring it along!

For those playing in the woods, to avoid congestion, we would like a max of 20 vehicles playing there at once, and among the 20 it would be helpful to stop and take a break somewhere (off the "racing" line) occasionally to ease the traffic. If everyone rushes around, the prospect of having to queue at obstacles or reverse out of the way is increased. There is ample time for everyone to have a play :mrgreen:

The possibility of running a workshop has been discussed. This is likely to be for a couple of hours on Saturday afternoon to dilute the crowd in the woods. It will cover a few of the "typical" maintenance jobs, like adjusting your handbrake, stripping the front hub and setting front wheelbearing preload (80 series-specific) and a few other maintenance odd-jobs. It is not going to be massively technical, more focused to newbies/beginners who want to learn a few basics.

Each option has the number of places specified so if an group already has 8/8/20 votes, then that group is full and there is no point in voting for it as you will not get a slot. The laning groups will consist of 4 vehicles, plus the leader, making 5 in total.
Leaders for Strata are Jon and Rob, and for Long Mynd are Tony P and Joe.

For Sunday it looks like numbers will thin a bit as some folk are only coming for Saturday and Saturday night, and some people may be taking it easy in the morning too, so hopefully there won't be an issue with congestion. We can discuss on Saturday evening the possibility of running a laning excursion on Sunday for those interested. At this stage we're not running a poll for Sunday.

If you want to remove your vote from a group, simply vote for something else.

Please can you also post what your vote is, so that we can track who has signed up for what. Will those interested in some maintenance/DIY workshopping please indicate that interest too, so we can gauge numbers - not really a restriction on this, within reason.

Hi y'all
Okay, Andrew et al, how many miles are you talking about, on the full day Wales Strata Florida then? (will I need a full tank?) and will I break ma beast?
and mi RR-FR diff doesn't work...
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HauptRenate said:
how many miles are you talking about, on the full day Wales Strata Florida then?
200 miles very approximately.
Long Mynd for me please. Would also like to check out the DIY workshops if back in time.
FR and RR lockers aren't working either. Would this cause any drama?
Not fussed, lounge around the farm, have a look at the gung-ho cruisers in the woods etc.

& drink some beer!!!

ps probably wont get there till latish friday evening
I Haven't voted yet as I'm down to lead a group to mynd but if there isn't enough call for two groups i would like to go to strata but either way I'm not fussed.

Another one for Strata Florida please.

We're driving up Saturday morning but will be there before 9am

Come on fellas, roll up roll up. All the sign-ups and only a hand full of votes.

Option 1 we have:
Richard Jackaman

Option 2:
Ryan Thomson

Option 3:
Ian Rubie
Matt W
Paul H
Mark S
Andrew Prince (not voted but tentatively option 3. If we overshoot on numbers, I'll bow out :mrgreen: )
Chris J also in Option 3.

Option 4:

{Admin Andrew - added myself and Chris to the list, if that's ok}
Getting muddy in the woods at Lincomb for me

And most keen to do the Workshop seeing that I'm s newbie and am dead keen to start getting dirty :)
It'd also be great to get properly off road again and we're very keen to chat to everyone and learn as much as possible in preparation for our London > Cape Town trip.

Looking forward to it!!!!!!! :D

Matt (and Lorien and Gi-Gi)
Seeing as i'm solo on option 2 :oops: , i'll be changing that to option 3. All up for getting dirty in the woods :D and would like to check out the workshops.
Ryan, lots of people (the majority) have not indicated their preference yet, so I am sure the laning group will fill up on the day. It looks like the workshop option will wait for the Long Mynd group to return from their outing before starting, So you should be able to do both ;)
Hi, I would like to do both, I guess if push comes to shove the woods on Saturday and then a shorter green laning on Sunday. I am bringing down two vehicles one for me and one for my friend Paulie, so what ever choice I end up in I would be taking up two spaces.
If people organise the wales trip again I would love to go, but as I am driving a way to get to the farm, I don't want to then face another 200 mile trip.
Cant wait!!