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Lincomb activities

Ian Rubie

Feb 24, 2010
Country Flag
We are currently planning some activities for the Lincomb weekend. One of the activities will hopefully be green laning. For this to work we will need volunteers to lead small groups of vehicles.

Ideally a group leader will have experience of the local lanes however a suggested route can be supplied on Memory Map. We have not driven the suggested routes recently so you might need to think on your feet if following them.

Can any volunteers please reply to this post or PM me?


Hello I dont mind taking a group But i have never greenlaned in that area and the only memory map i have is with my road angel adventurer and have never really had any joy with it apart from using it as a normal sat nav. but i am willing if its a last resort and i can do it the old fashion way and read a map :D

i have memory map but the only laning experience i have round there is what i have done at the last two or three events.... happy to help where i can.