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Lincomb Fun Challenge Weekend 9, 10 October


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Mar 12, 2010
Lincomb ELCO fun challenge weekend October 9th and 10th

Since the last ELCO meeting, there have been a few suggestions made for the October meet. It will definitely be a Landcruiser only meet and will feature a variety of amusing challenges for everyone.

For those who have asked for a multi-marques meet – we now have this covered by ‘The Overlander’ meet in September; this will be more of campfire event with much less driving, though there will be an optional guided farm drive incorporating the woods.

For the new look event in October, we shall be staging a non-damaging, non-winching punch challenge and some special timed stages that everyone can take part in.

The aim of the weekend is to have as many Landcruisers as possible on site for the whole weekend in a friendly competition, so we won’t be offering guided green laning trips (these will be back on the menu for the spring 2011 meet).

The fun challenge is an informal competition with points awarded for each punch found. There is no hurry to find all of them all at once, and the special stages will be open at specified times during both days. Saturday evening will bring a difference to the usual ELCO weekend, everyone can take part in the blindfold driving special stage, which will be timed and relies on the co-driver knowing their right from their left! Points will be awarded for the special stages and these will be added to the points gained from the punch challenge.

The cost to enter is £70 for vehicle and two people, extra passengers £15 per head. This includes two days of off-roading, camping on Friday and Saturday nights, supper on Saturday night and the usual Lincomb camping facilities.

If you wish to attend as a spectator, the cost will be £15 per head for the weekend (or part thereof).

We’re aiming to make this weekend fun and relaxed, with enough variety to interest all levels of driver and vehicle ability. We hope this new format will appeal to all the Lincomb regulars and any forum members who haven’t yet made it to a Lincomb meet.

Please go here to register, Registration for this event closes on the 30th of September, but the number of entries is limited so please don’t leave it too late!

See you in October,
Tony, Toby & Ian :dance: :thumbup:
That sounds like fun - looking forward to it! Good going Tony, Toby and Ian :clap: :clap:
Thanks,Gary. We are hoping for the best get together yet,lots of fun, with a hint of competition. :greetings-clappingyellow:
Having been to see Tony with Toby on the weekend I hope we have come up with something that will appeal to all. The main aim is to have fun as Tony has said.

Will this only be a challenge type event or will there be the normal groups going off and 'laning for a bit as well?
We are not planning to do any laning. The aim of the weekend is to have fun around the farm. Don't be put off by the word challenge, it is not a high speed, high energy, rush around like madmen type thing it is a fun take your time have a laugh sort of thing.

The event is aimed at standard vehicles not roll caged, fully winched type things.

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Ian Rubie said:
The event is aimed at standard vehicles not roll caged, fully winched type things.

And the whole thing will be ok for cars equipped with roof tents.

All the best,
There have been a few questions raised about this event so I will try and explain things a bit further.

Firstly it is important not to get too hung up on the word competition. For those who have not done a punch challenge before the format is as follows. All vehicles paying the vehicle fee for the weekend will have a card, with 30 numbered boxes, attached to it. Scattered around the woods and farm drive will be 30 numbered punches. The idea is you get your car to the punch without removing either the card or the punch. Some will be hidden, some will need a bit of driving skill to reach and some might need a bit of team work. It should be noted that you are welcome to drive the woods and the farm drive all weekend and not punch a single hole if that is what you want.

There will also be timed special stages that will test driving, driver \ co-driver communication and one that is a physical test. Again you are under no obligation to do any of these.

Those not wanting to drive will be spectators, the cost of which will be £15 per head for the weekend (or part thereof). Spectators will not be allowed to take their vehicles in the woods or on the farm drive. The spectator fee will cover Saturday supper and overnight camping.

Children are free, yes that includes supper!

So basically for those who liked the weekend as it was, it is still the same - except no laning. For those who wanted a bit more than drive aimlessly around the woods there is now an objective.

All we are trying to do is add a further element to the weekend.

For those who want to turn up and spend half the weekend chatting on the camp site and half the weekend driving the woods and farm, you can.

For those who want to turn up on Saturday evening for supper, you can.

For those who want to spend the whole weekend chatting and laughing at others, you can.

Basically if you want to drive during the weekend you pay the vehicle fee detailed in the original post, if you want to spectate you pay the spectator fee.

Hopefully this has cleared up any concerns people were having that the weekend has completely changed, it has not - it has been enhanced.

As always on these weekends the main aim is to meet other like minded individuals and have some fun.


I am looking forward to spending the weekend on site for a change so I have more time to laugh at other people, be laughed at in turn and generally have time for a chat :D I will bring some 80 series diffs along again for anyone who's interested to poke about and I will be around to answer questions / talk about them this time instead of being off laning :mrgreen: I can also bring my antenna analyser along and have a bit of an antenna workshop if you like.
Thanks for the post Ian - that has certainly helped clear up a few of the misgivings in my mind of the perceived changes to the weekend.

Now I just need to lure a co-pilot into the cab with me!!!! And build a winch bumper... And wire me winch in... And fit me rear difflock actuator...

Ah, how timely for that post from Jon - I'll save me actuator for a workshop on it ;)

Gav Peter said:
Thanks for the post Ian - that has certainly helped clear up a few of the misgivings in my mind of the perceived changes to the weekend.

No problem, sorry about the earlier lack of clarity - it's been made very clear to me the first post has lead to confussion. Hopefully all is now back on track.

Do you guys arrange these weekends on half-term dates deliberately... :doh:

I'm going to have to work this one very carefully & use an enormous amount of brownie points to attend :shifty:
Come on Gav, you have known about this since June - plenty of time to earn plenty of points. Get your thumb out man :lol:

If I only make one Lincomb weekend this autumn I will make sure it's this one. Gonna try really hard for The Overlander gathering too but not so sure if I can do both now...

Either way, I'll see you there gents :thumbup:
Jon, is it right that you are going to be doing an aluminium TIG welding demonstration? :clap: :clap: :clap:

Well done that man!

I suppose it's an idea isn't it. There are quite a few people who keep saying that they'd like a go. OK not TIG maybe, but MIG and MMA might be a possibility.

:lol: better get the TIG machine first, it's on my want list still but slipped down it a bit at the moment.
Just got back from a few days away, so have just read the posts re LF in October.....

Personally, I think this is a terrific idea/format.
Previously when over 50% of the participants go off laning, it has always felt, to me, that the party has been split but this way we're all in it together. We will get to know each other better and it will feel a more complete event.
Undoubtedly, we will all learn something... On the technical bits (that initially, one may not feel too at ease with - your LC will do it but can you?) you can spend time watching others do it first, ask questions and then try - it challenges yourself and that is the most satisfying challenge of all.
This punch card thing gives more of a purpose to the weekend. Previously I've noticed that by the late afternoons many are stood around wondering what to do next - sort of at a loose end - but this way with the games (blind driving etc) it should keep us all active although still allow time to stand and chat (and laugh).
Don't get hung up on any 'competition' aspect - this format will give us all the opportunity to knit as a group, laugh and be laughed at and really enjoy our passion for LCs - because it's not 'competition' - it's just FUN.

We started to talk at the last LF about enhancing the weekends and I think that Tony, Ian and Toby have come up with a winner. (Well done!) This format enables every one of you to get involved at a level at which you are comfortable and you never know by the end of the weekend you may have stretched yourself.
It will also make a complete change for Jon, who, as far as I can remember, has always lead the laning whether he wanted to or not.

As ever, I'm more than happy to help anyone who wants to brush up their off-road driving skills - from novice to ... er ... (not quite) novice!

We'll be there with our old BJ40.
Can't wait!
I guess if anyone still wishes to go laning, they can put together a group and go anyway, as long as there is the usual combination of planned route and willing leader. No reason to not do that if that's what you want to do.

I've done one 'punch challenge' (albeit a small one) this year in Scotland and had an absolute ball, so I for one am looking forward to that part of it!

Now to get the suspension done, rear door swapped out and diff lock installed :? :lol:
Ian Rubie said:
Come on Gav, you have known about this since June - plenty of time to earn plenty of points. Get your thumb out man :lol:
Problem is, these are 'mother' brownie points, not 'wife' ones... :roll:

I aim to be there :D