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Lincomb September 7th,8th


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Mar 12, 2010
Hi Guys,

The date is confirmed, weather is being organised, and we have a plan to help with numbers for organising.

So, if you have the date free, and plan to come, please PM Ian Rubie, to 'probably' commit, and then we will get payment details out by the end of July, and get everyone paid up by the end of August.

As we have said before, it is your event, so any ideas, please let us know.


EDIT - The booking form is available at


Names on the list so far

Andy Lomas - Form received
Chris Jerman - Form received
Karl Webster +1 - Form received
Chris Blake +1 - Form received
Trevor +1 - Form received
Ed (mrdelmonti) +1 - Form received
Rob Wronski +1 - Form received
Jon Wildsmith - Form received
Julian T
Reinhard +1 - Form received
Shayne +1 - Form received
Steven +2 - Form received
Dave B +3 - Form received
Andrew Brierley - Form received
Chas - Form received
Pete Bell +1 - Form received
Rob H + 1 - Form received
Scott - Form received
Steve + 1 - Form received
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Missed out again, I'm not back to the UK till late September…
Well I am only coming if there is lots of mud, epic rescues, lots of Landcruisers, chatting, boozing, bragging, toys, tools and gadgets. Late night fire sitting, tall tales and hilarity.

Without that I simply can't see the point. Oh and half a dead pig thrown in. I didn't get any crackling this year and it frankly ruined the weekend.

See you all at Gin O'Clock on the Friday. Oh and Marius, this year my location will be a secret ha ha.

Hopefully this year I will be playing on the soft stuff!!, I doubt it will be MUD but last night I began to hatch a cunning plan... the seed was sown last Lincomb meeting in a discussion with Chris Green90 and Tony S about which engine transplant would best suit a Collie, got a couple of months to see if I can pull it off, the plot thickens.

oh dear andy. i though that got put to bed due to sizes. i will be very impressed to see what you come up with. I knmw how i would do it now.
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Woo hoo. It's on the diary booked and sorted. SWMBO is gonna cough up the readies for my early birthday prezzie. PM will be winging its way to mr rubie as soon as I get to my PC. Can't wait to see you all again.

Only request I would like to make is about being able to stay over on the sunday night. Not to play on the monday just to be fresh to drive home.

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I'll be there with Tom and one other
Hoping to make it, its in the diary but might clash with another weekend i'm waiting to hear dates on!! Fingers crossed it doesn't!
I am also hoping to make it, will depend on my shift rota but it should be doable :)
Really looking forward to this now! Doesn't look like a lot of names on the list at the moment though.
It's in my calender

sae70 + 2 :icon-biggrin:
Damn i'm going to miss it again,last time it was a wedding i could't avoid and this time i'm of to uganda(first time back since 1972) for 5 weeks.It's going to be a tour of uganda,rwanda, burundi,tanzania,kenya and back to uganda to fly out.
So i'm going to miss lincombe but looking forward to this trip.
Just clicked regarding the dates of this. I'll be away so won't make it again... Hate.

Though by then I should have just finished doing the rubicon so not all bad.

Enjoy folks. Any of you sitting on the fence and trying to decide weather or not to go do yourself a flavour and go. It really is a great event run by an awesome bunch of folk. I really am gutted ill be missing it yet again.