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LJ78 | 2LTE ATM | Main ECD Relay | Spill Control Valve | ECU


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Apr 12, 2022
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Hi Forum Members

I am new to this forum and looking forward to the discussions.

I have been rebuilding a LJ78 for the last year and a half, including full respray, engine mods, interior, etc. Will post a few photos when sorted :)

Some background before I go into the issue.

The entire truck has basically been strip and not all wires are yet re-connected (lights, doors, interior). The main earth points are now connected, but I have a suspicion that an electric short / improper grounding may have been the primary cause of my issue.


Diesel Spill Control Valve / Solenoid is not working. The ohm reading on the solenoid is 1.6 ohm and seems to indicate a working solenoid unit.

Today I have traced the issue back to one of the Main ECD relays (part: 85915-60030). The other relay (same part number) is kicking in with no issues.

- Voltage readings on working relay harness is +11 volts.
- Voltage on the broken relay harness is 0.2 volts (Truck is in parking)
- ECD fuse looks good.
- I have also removed the ECU and inspected. No burn marks / blown components that I can see with the naked eye.

I have primed the fuel until the banjo bolt in the injector pump, but no fuel to nozzles.


- Is a 0.2 volt reading on the relay correct when in parking (P)? I read on another article this may be the case but not sure. The spill control valve / solenoid seems to operate at 5V.
- What could have caused a blown relay. My only thought is a short / ground that may be the culprit.

Keen to get your thoughts on this as I would hate to blow another relay. They are not on the cheap side.