London to Cape Town record attempt

Gary Stockton

Super Moderator
I am in zimbabwe
Sep 10, 2012
Whilst I applaud the reason (to raise cash for Help for Heroes) I've got to wonder why - the record has stood since 1963 or something - clearly Africa could handle the route then, and lets face it 1963 was a lot friendlier time to do that type of trip than now. But for me the whole object of that sort of drive would be to see the sights, especially down the Rift Valley ...

Each to their own - they should have taken Xmas pressies to the boys in Afghanistan in record time or something - that would do more for their charity than a glorified jaunt through Africa ....

:twisted: Just my R0.02 worth ...

Andrew Prince

Well-Known Member
Feb 23, 2010
Joburg, sunny South Africa
Knowing what we do about African border crossings and visa issues, I wonder how much this trip is costing in "facilitation" payments to ensure rapid crossings? Hopefully the trip raises more money than it consumes...

Graham Smith

New Member
Mar 12, 2010
Poole, Dorset
What a silly idea!!! Waste of Diesel IMHO.
Lets hope that they dont have an accident and hurt either a local minding their own business at the side of the road or themselves. There are a lot more people now than in 1963!!!

Stupid, stupid, downright stupid... why not do a race across a pedestrianized precinct in Cardiff or London?
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Well-Known Member
I am in great_britain
Mar 2, 2010
Wirral, GB
Andrew Prince said:
I have another word for it. That said, I hold high respect for Stirling Moss and if he's the patron....

Good luck to them, but can't say I envy them
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