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Looking for a Alu roof rack - not at pharmacy prices


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May 11, 2016
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Hi all Cruisers
I have a 1996 Toyota Landcruiser 4.2 24 V VX Limited (HDJ81) which I would like to kit out for Africa.
So I am looking initially for a aluminium roof rack , possibly later some other gear like roof tent , ladder, hi lift, light bar, camping fridge etc

I have a very restricted budget , so I was asked to “think twice, buy one”.

Perhaps I am lucky and someone in this community is breaking theirs or selling off their gear.

Please let me know and thank you in advance

Hi Mickey welcome to the club. I have a patriot extended roofrack I am in 2 minds to let go. Get your post count up so you can private message and we can exchange numbers to discuss
Thank you :)
I don’t know how much I need to post to get the PM facility but I will try.

Depending on your usage and the type/make of rack, the offload dynamic load limit can be as much as 50% less or even nor tested. So this could mean your rtt weight could see over this figure and it all becomes detached. Not saying it will happen just something to keeping mind when researching.