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Looking for inspiration for a new painting


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Sep 6, 2013
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Hi there.

My LC 120 has been siting under the sun for while... It needs a new painting. Could anyone please post any sort of LC 120 paintings you would think to be nice? I don't mind combinations of more than one color/tone in different parts of the car ;)

Thanks ahead.

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Not sure what is available in MZ but you could also look into getting it vinyl wrapped.
This is hard to explain but maybe somebody who knows how could photoshop it . Assuming your looking for something that stands out a little more from standard paint , in the 80's lots of rally cars opted for wing to wing stripes because it was very simple to do but very effective . Basically just run a line of tape over your bonnet from wing to wing then continue down with the tape at 45 degrees towards the door . Paint everything in front of that line with your chosen colour . Then leave a gap and paint another narrower line parallel to the last . And then a third line smaller again . Repeat this at the rear of the truck . Hope that makes sense to someone ?
Just got her from Toyota 2004 65000 like new can’t be many like this about
View attachment 154544 Just got her from Toyota 2004 65000 like new can’t be many like this about
Hey, nice truck there Roy. Pop over to the ‘introduce yourself’ section and give us a bit of an intro. Probably a better place than this old thread to show off your new pride and joy and get a few more responses and welcomes. :thumbup: