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Forget it. You cannot buy diesel with the sulphur levels of 5-10 years
ago. Even red diesel is soon to change to ULSD. Check out the above
sites - look at the dates to see how and when the levels were cut.
If you are worried about lubricity - and who isn't !!! - I suggest you
use Millers Dieselclean on every tankful.
Gareth Jones. '97 1-HDFT
-Catching up!
Changed some seals (not fish eating!) and now the pump's making metal
despite me using additives for the last 30k.
Things appeared to go downhill rapidly when I started using 'Bio-diesel'?
I like to think I'm 'green' but... I suddenly got lots of fine sediment in
the filter (changed it several times and drained the tank) timing advancer
started leaking from it's seals and now there is metal in the diesel return
Banjo-bolt filter. Could be coincidence???
Dermot Allen
'97 PHD-FT
On 15 Dec 2004 at 14:50, Gareth Jones wrote:
Be warned for the opposite: some former east-block countries
(Romenia?) have diesel with *huge* amounts of sulphur....which can
clog your oil to a nasty sludge (and then the only thing left is
removing your oilpan, and scrape it off....:cool:)
North-Africa is also said to have high levels of sulphur, for which
you might want a CT-4 spec oil, dedicated for >0.5% sulphur (the
article in a German offroad mag claimed they it used 'ash' to
neutralize the higher amounts of acids that were caused by this
sulphur when burning, still not sure about that explanation).
Willem-Jan Markerink
The desire to understand
is sometimes far less intelligent than
the inability to understand
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