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LPG/petrol running issues



Love to give u advice as I had the same issues on my 96 Landcruiser
Sympthons seems the same and mine "solved itself" over time. Has never come
back (but not running LPG with any regularity over here in US).
Methinks it was an electric (bad wiring) issue that my LPG installer fixed
(but not necessarily "knew" he fixed it).
Good luck and love 2 hear what it is in the end.
If u can get a hold on an OBD II reader that may help with the diagnostics.
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Hi John
Yes.... but no-one can begin to give me advice because no-one else has a
petrol Cruiser! :-(
It's a very irritating problem for me though.
'95 FZJ 80
50mm OME suspension lift
33 or 34" tyres
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Hey Peter
So there is more than one mystery to be solved, now with two cruisers
john 92HDJ 80 1HDT