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LPG running in 80



Talk with Tim Tate at in ScotlandsWell, Kinross - 01592 840505 (send him my regards)
he did my dual-fuel LPG on my 96 (USA made) 80 and I've only great things 2 say about him
He was one of the most knowledgeable guys then on dual-fuel and I'm sure now (8+ yrs later) that he has lots more experience.
Ping me offline and I'll tell u how 2 get LPG at 17p/L :)
Brendan Lally
144K on 96 1FZ US Landcruiser in Colorado.
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From: Marko <[Email address removed]>
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Subject: [ELCO] Which Axle Stands
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2007 23:50:36 +0100
Hi all, I'm a Born again Newbie
I originally joined and posted to the forum/list at the back end of l last year re: coolant draining draining/flushing and never got time to thank or reply to those who answered my questions as my hard drive failed and I lost the emails. So thank you to those who did and my apologies for not replying.
I've got lost of questions which I hope you guys can help me with asI 'm determined to do my own servicing and upgrades this summer, as I have found to my cost over the last year, (just like so many others it seems)that no one knows much about the 80 series, including the Toyota mechanics.
So to start off:
Can anyone advise me on what axle stands I should buy for the 80. I was thinking 4 ton lift for pair and Height: a Mininimum 310mm - Max at least 430mm, but would welcome suggestions and recommendations. I'm also concerned about the jaws on some I've seen, are not open or flat enough to take the axle safely.
Also is it easy/hard/possible to remove/replace the Starter on a FZJ80 without taking the wheel off? The starter has stated to run-on slightly and I'm assuming that replacing the contacts will solve this?.
I also need new HT leads as the current ones are badly worn. Does anyone know where I can get Higher spec ones(7mm) than Milners(5mm) and others Stock. From what I've gathered it would be it's a worthwhile investment if you burn LPG.
Lastly, is it better to post questions individually, or does it not matter.
Mark O'Connor
Linlithgow, UK
1996 FZJ80 Dual Fuel