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Made-up exhausts - CHAT



Now this might be useless info, but on the other hand it may ring a bell
with some.
In Bosnia the local exhaust (or 'Auspuh') shops, generally do not stock
systems as supplied by Bosal, Walker et al. My brake/filter/water pump
importer is also the Walker importer but says that they are generally too
expensive for the local market.
So how do they provide replacement exhausts ? These shops use one of
several German made machines that bend pipe into the required shape. The
shop has a supply of pipe in 1m lengths and in various diameters. They buy
lengths of silencer can in 2 circular diameters and 2 oval sections,
usually in 3m lengths. They then cut-up the stock to the length they
require and then weld-on end plates, sometimes with a weld-on bend. The can
is stuffed with fibreglass wool and the centre pipe looks like it has been
dabbed with an angle grinder disc at regular intervals ! Its not the best
of silencers but then again, it meets German automotive standards, so can't
be that bad.
The bad news - for me when I wanted a new system - is that the automotive
pipe bender kit is not sufficient to make the - from memory - 60mm diameter
pipe for an 80. The answer was just one shop in the country which had the
equipment to make truck exhausts, and thus the 60mm was about the smallest
diameter they worked with.
When I needed a silencer in an emergency soon after I got the 80, I had a
50mm silencer made-up, and despite its restriction being 10mm smaller than
standard, it did not really make much difference with the slow speeds that
I run at, plus the fact that my engine doesn't have a turbo. (Remember also
that the 80 pipe is squashed and not full diameter where it goes over the
rear cross-member too). The old salvaged Toy welded-on bends at each end
of the 'new' silencer failed before the silencer showed any sign of rust.
So when it came to replace that, it was easier to get a full Toy
replacement than try and get to the truck pipe bender at the other end of
the country. (This despite the 3 weeks delivery from the cowboy sub-agent
of a Toy dealer from Croatia masquerading as a Toy dealer in Sarajevo,
thanks to silencer paste and bandage).
The silencers also come in 2 grades of steel and the 'rustless' quality may
not be stainless but is good.
So, I wonder if there are firms in UK/Eire which have the truck exhaust
equipment that could do the job?
Well, just a thought anyway.
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus from Bosnia, now sharing time between Alfold Surrey
and Tring Herts.
And deletion of old email addresses and introduction of new ones has made
me spam-free, for the timebeing at least !