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many questions, i'm afraid (mostly chat)



Hi Gareth, Roman et al.
Thanks for the replies - especially the reassurance about the ammeter!!
I'd forgotten that the 24 valve had rockers - hurrah!!!
Gareth - did you find the exhaust helped with performance, or did you
just fit it to free yourself from rust worries. In any case, where did
you get it and can I ask how much it was?
Roman - thanks for the Oram tip. My only worry here is SR. I bought
some batteries off them a while ago and one died well within warranty
(but while I was abroad). I called them up and explained the situation,
hoping they could put me in touch with someone at Exide in SA and they
basically told me either to send the battery back to them in London
(yeah right) or go take a fly. Eventually they said they'd sort it for
me and, surprise surprise never got back to me.
Yes, my Cruiser is a UK spec one Gareth, so it's probably almost
identical to yours. It is totally standard at the moment apart from the
few bodges you normally get (badly fitted aftermarket radio, some
interesting 'improvements' to the wiring, and the like) and a few minor
scars left over from some otherwise fairly well repaired accident
damage. Still, it was quite cheap and is basically good - certainly
should be okay for the trip to Mali.
Having lavished so much cash on my far distant petrol cruiser, I'm
trying to prep this one as inexpensively as possible (without doing too
little of course). As such, it's mostly about scouring eBay etc for
possible bits and fabricating at home where possible.
I'm presently drawing up a 'behind the drivers seat' jerrican holder, to
be made of dexion etc - to carry 6 or 7 jerries and be able to hold them
in place if the car turns over (as the last thing you need is a full
jerrican in the head).
Anyway, thanks again,


On 7/28/05, aclbell <[Email address removed]> wrote:

I know, they can be a pain sometimes, they never return my calls
either, but I am sure I could help if you wanted to investigate the
shock absorbers.
I've thought about it too, only for black plastic water cans. You can
fit four abreast in the footwell.
You can fit more of them if they are turned by 90 deg. but not in the
footwell, which BTW can be also used for storing infrequently accessed
bits, like spare parts.
What I have in mind for my project is a simple frame made of flat and
L shaped alu extrusions, either tig welded or pop riveted, to keep the
cans in place.
Let me know when you have a desigh ready.
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80