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May 2016 # 1


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Feb 24, 2010
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{name} - Welcome to the first Land Cruiser Club newsletter!

Quick note: Please allow images to be shown or this newsletter will look as interesting as your tax return.

First things first - welcome to the new members. Shane, ssypherd from Utah, is our newest member. He's showing off his great example of a green 40.

What's occurring?
As most would know, it's been a big switch over from the old platform to the new shiny one. The old one was very much end-of-life and was becoming a burden.
We've now changed over and using XenForo platform which is a fantastic piece of kit and should allow us to stay up to date far into the future.
It's not been without it's bumps in the road but these things are to be expected. Overall though, it's been a successful migration.

Enough of the boring IT stuff!

What else can be added on this first newsletter?

Olazz is back from his journey to Namibia and Angola. We;re all eagerly awaiting his updates on that. They're always a good read. Judging by the video he's already posted looks like a good trip.
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Really looking forward to that.

There's lots of chatter about the Adventure Overland Show -

See the main thread for more information. Adventure Overland Show 2016

TLC HJ61 total reconditioning
Oding is continuing with the epic reconditioning of his 70 series Land Cruiser.

Recondition: verb - overhaul or renovate (a vehicle engine or piece of equipment).

This would be true safe for the fun he seems to be having. At every turn he's adding something different, something better. We continue to watch and comment with jealous enthusiasm.


See more on the main thread: TLC HJ61 total reconditioning

I think that is all I will try for this first issue. As always, comments and suggestions are welcome. As I get better at this then hopefully the newsletters will get better.

Remember to keep in touch on the website. Lots of new exciting features are coming soon!

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