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mileage or lack of it



As you know, I am no expert on big wheels/tyres and difflocks (how do I get
round the Balkans without them, I must be missing something there ;o)
But if you want to check your speed and mileage accurately then borrow a
GPS from a mate. Even the cheapest Garmin model will be able to give you a
very accurate check on your speedo and odometer. Just make sure you take a
trip on a road that preferably goes through open fields with no shadow from
forests or steep hills alongside. A 20 mile round-trip will do it. Only
when you have checked that out should you start worrying about the cause.
I have just been to N.Wales and back this week and my GPS tells me my
maximum speed was 127kph (that's over 80mph). Never knew I was so naughty !
Grand Union Canal
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus from Bosnia.
Hi Jon
Thanks for the wisdom about the mileage issue, but you have me confused what
have shadows and trees got to do with mileage. I cant do the GPS thing
because I dont know anyone with a GPS and that is always my problem I feel
so isolated whan I want to know stuff or do things to the cruiser because
there is nobody around here that has a cruiser like mine other than a couple
of mothers doing shopping. in them. Its the story really of the 4x4 scene
over here that if its not broken well I really dont need to know . Thats why
I have to source all my stuff from the UK because the market is not big
enough here to have what I want. The usual motor factors will only stock
what they know they will sell, and this I have been told by them. So ye see
when I go to do anything with the cruiser I am learning but I am also very
nervious because if I pull or move or misplace something I may will not know
waht it is for or where it goes back. Its the usual case of shit what is
this and where does it go. Thats why I am creeping rather than running ,
because all the info I need is there from the really generious guys like
yourself on the list but I then have to process it and fell confident in
doing it, and sometimes this takes time or more questions to fully
understand it. I will tell you that the cruiser has not been in the Toy
garage as much as it would have been last year so progress I think. I
presume that speed you were doing was while you were going up a steep hill,
you are bold and you are now grounded untill after dinner time and no
John C
92HDJ 80 1HDT Ireland
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