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MOT No.7

Nuclear Chicken

Well-Known Member
Apr 9, 2010
:| Car's MOT No.7 tomorrow at 0805. Wish me luck! Other than remving a front side window tint (long story) tonight all should good.
Good luck! Although I'm sure you won't need it ;)
My LC120 went through the MOT , no trouble
She is up about 60mm at front and 80mm at rear. on Iron Man.
Well, I say no trouble, but it was for the tester.
He came to the part where he pulled the chassis jack under the front suspension, to lift and check wheel bearings and the rest of the suspension.
So, in go the jacking spacers, and he pumps up the jack to the max,
And the wheels stay firmly planted.
So lowers the jack, and puts in more, well, all the spacers.
And just manages to get the fronts 10mm off the ramps,
Jack, fully pumped up.
All was good, no problems. bearings, ball joints,
Lets just say, the rear did not get lifted off the ramps.