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Mud Flaps


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Apr 24, 2022
Hi Guys. Does anyone know what are these covers called and where to source one from? I guess these form a barrier for mud/sand etc to get into the mechanical parts. I am missing one on tne driver’s side. Thanks.


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I got a set of these, but never bothered to put them on; I think I prefer to be able to have a look in there with a torch and see whats going on - but I suppose it depends on the conditions you're driving in!
Thanks Carl. Very helpful. Do you want to get rid of yours, if you don’t intend to use them? I will be driving through desert sands soon, it just helps to keep the area covered up a bit.
To be honest mate by the time I 'discovered' them in the (sadly far too disorganised) garage again, you could have had them shipped from China twice over!!!
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Thank you so much Karl2000. I am sure you must have had so many other things vying for your attention. I am even more grateful that you decided to spend your precious time for a stranger on an online forum. . I have had lot of helpful advice here when I was upgrading Rafa in summer but didn’t really post any pics from our travel. Will do so soon so you know how far these mudflaps will be travelling :)