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My 2004 100 Series


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Mar 4, 2010
As some of you will know I was itching to get another manual 80 series Landcruiser.

I’ve been searching and had a look at a few “poorly” described trucks. The other night I noticed a 100 series for sale. I had not really considered a 100 thinking an 80 was the thing for me as it thought I “must” have a front locker and all that articulation on the axles and I love the simplicity of the 80 and its ability. The more I thought about it perhaps a 100 would work for what I now have in mind, and I had always wondered what they were like, having never driven one nor lived with one. The 80s are pulling very strong money and from what i have seen folks have some interesting thoughts on value versus condition and so many have lots of tin worm damage.

The other day I started to consider having a 100 series, and even an auto. To cut to the chase, rather than lead you down the meandering path of my cogitations and decision process, I came across an interesting 2004 100 series 5speed auto for sale in Devon. Black with grey leather. The seller indicated it had been used to drive to Spain for over wintering, and when back in the UK was parked up under cover and SORNed. always fully serviced before each trip, and wire brushed and waxoiled underneath every 2 years. due again this summer but he had not done it as he did not want folks to think the waxoil was being used to cover a multitude of sins (seen plenty of that recently haven’t we). He had decided to sell the truck because they want to emmigrate to Spain and the hassle and expense of taking the Landcruiser with him did not make sense.

Previous to him it had been owned by someone in London who had used it to drive to Portugal and back, and then park it up and not use it between trips and had run it on 20 inch rims, but that’s another story and thankfully the truck is not on 20 inch rims any longer. The downside with the truck was that there was no service records with the man I was talking to, but having met and talked with him, taken note of his engineering knowledge and his self-employed work for more than 20 years on mechanical stuff, including farm equipment, various vehicles he had built and restored, was building, and looking at the overall condition of the cruiser I felt it was worth a punt and I am confident in his mechanical ability and knowledge. I thoroughly enjoyed talking to him. Truck is sat on 173 odd thousand miles.

The MOT history suggested it had been well cared for with just 2 fails in the MOT history and those for minor things. One recently for an interesting wiring fault to the rear fog lights that I will be asking you about in a future post. No mention on any previous MOT of corrosion.

23,000 miles back all fluids including brake and suspension, coolant, diffs and transfer case were dropped and replaced. Cam belt, tensioner and waterpump for good measure. Filter in the autobox more recently. Aircon pump was noisy so he replaced the pump, alternator failed this year and was replaced this month with a 120 amp unit, power steering rack started weeping and was replaced along with 2 new batteries (that to me look a touch smaller than the ones on my 80, we shall see how they fare). Has airbags in the springs at the rear on a compressor (he towed a 6m twin axle tall trailer with a plane and motorcycle in it to Spain and back).

Underneath is in good order - will be wire brushing and then applying lanoguard this next week or two so I can have a better look. Arches are fine with just a little rust starting in the corners, I can attend to that. Sills look good. The tapping stick (my small rust finder hammer) revealed nothing untoward so far. A couple of scuffs on body work, looks like it has had a little body work on driver rear passenger door, back bumper a little loose on same side. minor stuff as far as i am concerned. windows a little slow, folding mirrors are temperamental. heated mirror switch stuck. rear diff lock not working - i suspect it has never been used so i will dig into that and see what needs to be done. I will start with the detent, (hopefully it is that) and then on into the motor, with worst case I’ll stick a new motor on it.

The 18 inch rims are shod with Nankang AT’s (275/65 R 18) that will suffice for now and are about half worn. I will stick some Cooper AT3s on it next.

Has the spare on a carrier, with a second fuel tank underneath. Carrier is galvanised.

The AHC works as it should for now. As and when it plays up I will convert it to springs and shocks. for now the ride is really nice.

The drive home was long, end of Easter holiday traffic with the world and his bothers, aunts and uncles and cousins leaving Devon and clogging up the motorways (that’s how it looked to me) where a 4/5 hour drive became 6 hours with lots of almost stationery sections before Bristo). The aircon belt got eaten on the way home. Inspecting it in the dry yesterday the tensioner bearing next to the aircon is shot and wobbling (was not noisy when i was in the engine bay looking). So i have ordered a new tensioner for under the water heater device (cant think of the right name right now) on he right of the engine, and a new SKF bearing for the tensioner next to the aircon, and a couple of new belts from Toyota.

Have ordered new interior mats to replace the existing dirty and worn ones. Need to get a carpet cleaner in there for the carpets. Before I left yesterday spent 3.5 hours washing the truck twice, then 2 lots of polish so it looks nicer, plus vac the inside, clean the dash, windows and leather etc. The leather needs reconditioning so I will get to that. Does anyone have any links for coloured leather balm or similar for the toyota grey leather?

Had to replace a leaking valve on the drivers rear tyre yesterday before heading to the lakes, loaded with jacks, tools, summer wheels and tyres for my daughters Mark 4 golf.

Have not yet tested the rear heater controls in the roof.

The electric motor on the steering works ok up and down but not in and out. ill disable it (need to read up on how to do that).
Needs a wiper blade for the rear, the aero blade rubber is fine but it does not sit flush to the glass at the upper part of the rear screen.
Need to fix the horn - only a single rather funny beep, not the dual tones it should have.
Drivers side headlamp washer is loose on the bumper.
Need to change out the white leds on the interior for normal bulbs (I do not like the white leds).
Want to remove the plug on the transfer case (presume I can do this on the 100) to allow low range without the centre diff lock.
Want a snorkel for a 100.
Want to extend the breathers into the upper engine bay
Want a new cover for the spare on the back carrier

I need the owners manual for a 100.

Does anyone have copies (electronic) of the fsm for the 100 series?

Should have taken some pics yesterday as it was a pretty day. so once the weather dries up I’ll post pics for you all. I’ll update this thread with things as we go, and things I have forgotten.
Horn fixed - broken wire.

Disabled auto centre difflock on selecting low range. A bit more fiddly than I remember on my manual 80.

Headlamp washer isn't great but is held more securely now than it was.
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I'll have a go with Techstream tomorrow in the old laptop and see if i can disable the tilt / telescope on steering wheel. for now fuse 20 is pulled.
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Happy Days. I had forgotten the guy gave me a dvd with some files on it - with the manuals i wanted.
Just found it in the paperwork.
Some pics from the original advert





Have ordered:
Coolant, oil, oil filter and fuel filters, 2 new aircon belts and 2 fanbelts (belts and filters from Toyota), new bearing for the adjuster pulley on aircon, ATF from Toyota for power steering (current fluid smells burned), new idler pulley (below viscous heater), new wiper for rear, car mats, new gas struts (from SGS engineering) for bonnet to replace the small mole grip i have been using (an upgrade of sorts from the length of wood). I'll get some bulbs for the interior and consign the cold white leds to the recycling pile unless anyone here wants them? Leather balm with colour ordered.

Got a jetwash lance mounted on a block of wood with wheels so I can roll it under the car and get it all cleaned off ready for lanoguard.

Will all be actioned at the weekend after we get back from the Llyn peninsula in the old motorhome (the one that I sold the 80 series for back in 2016).

Cleaned up and sprayed the rear wheel carrier and tow bar with satin black, looks fresher now. Any ideas on where i can get a new wheel cover from?
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Thanks stumog. it looks cleaner now. ill post more pics when i get back and have done some more fettling.
Just back from a short break in Abersoch, so before we lost the light swapped in regular bulbs to replace the white leds in the door puddle lights.
New wiper blade on the rear.
3 coats of light grey coloured leather balm to freshen up the leather seats.
Fitted new bonnet struts from SGS engineering.
More jobs tomorrow.
Greased up propshafts!
Removed the daylight running lights/ indicator combo that has been causing occasional indicator faults. Had to fit a new bulb holder to drivers side the adapter fitment had rusted itself to the bulb holder. Here's the stuff that I removed.


And to amber bulb in its holder.


Changed power steering fluid.
Changed the idler puller on aircon belt
Changed the bearing on the aircon adjuster pulley.
Went to fit the toyota supplied aircon elt and realised they have sent me the longer belt which is too long. When I was ordering he was not sure which belt would be right. I'll have to speak to the parts department on Monday and get the right one ordered in.
Changed the interior bulbs as planned.
Replaced the failed stop tail light on passenger side.

Will do an oil and filter change tomorrow all being well.
Lubed hinges and locks.
Sprayed brake cleaner on the centre diff so I can work out where it is weeping from.
Worked out my power-washing method for cleaning the underside prior to applying lanoguard.
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@adrianr whats your power washing method?
I got us a Karcher a while back to clean the patio tiles, and used it to do some car cleaning on our Touran last weekend which worked - am thinking i want to clean up underneath before getting the small hammer out for a rust check…
Mine sat in the garage for 15 years unused, then I 'discovered' it and now use it on the LC - it's quite good. I don't think it was very expensive back in the day!
Well, the power washer was not avialble to me today which was a shame. We had fashioned an old lance clamped to a block of wood and added a couple of small wheels so we could move it in and out under the truck.

So I went the way I usually go, a collection of wire brushes, followed by a good going over with compressed air to get into the nooks and crannies. About 3.5 hours to do that to the underside. Not much surface rust at all really, last owner said he never drove it in the winter, kept it SORN under cover. After that a good dose of lanoguard inside the chassis legs and then over the other exposed areas. I will let that go off and weather permitting take some pics tomorrow to show before and after pics. I was pretty filthy after all that, and smelling like a farmyard courtesy of the lanoguard. Missus gave me strict instructions to undress next to the washing machine before I went through the house for a bath.
Depending where you are you could have found a haulage company with a hot washer and have it done on ramps fortunately for me I have one close to me here in Somerset and they charged 20 quids last year be going there after the Wales trip
@SteveJB - I will definitely be doing that next year. For this year it was good to have a close and long look at everything under there to spot any problems or areas of concern.
Greased up propshafts!
Changed power steering fluid.
Will do an oil and filter change tomorrow all being well.
Make sure to use the Toyota/Denso OEM oil filter. Aftermarket types vary a lot in quality, and none of them offer the same filtering of both main and bypass oil flow.

Did your power steering fluid smell burnt? I found that a good synth Dexron III lasts longer than regular.

How many pumps of grease on the props' splines? There are cases of hydrolocking the prop.shafts, putting pressure on the diff. bearings, and giving a thunk when changing/engaging gears. Is there grease coming out, or are the seals sealing (too) well.