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My African trip - some facts - Bonusprint quality



I've used Bonusprint for years for "family" type stuff, shooting on 35mm film and getting back prints + images on CD.
I've found their CDs to be both lowish in resolution and, more importantly, very lacking in contrast. Adequate for archival (as in "I've forgotten where the negatives are"), but totally inadequate for decent reprints or publication. I get better contrast results from scanning their prints!
However their negative processing and prints (from negative) are excellent - at least up to 7" x 5" resolution.
You pays your money and you takes your choice. I wouldn't even think of using them for my 120 size (6 x 7 cm) photography.
Christopher Bell
| Jeremy,
| I've found that Bonusprint will scan 35mm films to CD-ROM
| (1024 x 1536?, 300 dpi) and also supply colour negatives at
| =A32.78 per reel.
| Never used them before but I hope it is going to work out as
| well as Kodak who charge five times more.
| I'm in need of a new digital camera so I'd be interested in
| other people's views what works best for travel photography,
| especially for taking pictures of people.
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