My JDM 1994 80 series daily

Would you convert this to an offraod beast? (Bumpers, sliders, etc.) READ POST FOR CONTEXT

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I am in united_states
Nov 6, 2020
Bought this back in September and have been using it as a daily ever since (in PA, USA). Runs like a champ and was well taken care of by its previous Japanese owner.

It has the 4.5L 1FZ-FE engine, automatic trans, 103k miles. 35" Falken Wildpeak A/T tires.

Some cool things about the JDM VX Limited version:
Coolbox center console - acts as a mini fridge that can fit about 12-12oz cans and has an ice maker compartment
Alcantara seats - super soft and in great shape for being 26 years old
Headlight sprayers - there are no headlight wipers but they have little sprayers to clear mud/dirt/debris

I had big plans to fit it with offroad bumpers and such but can't bring myself to do that now that I have it. The OEM bumpers and body are just in great shape and it looks incredible (to me at least). The chrome accents on the bumpers are something I just can't give up. But I am happy to keep it a daily that I can take to car shows and keep in nice shape instead of beating it to heck on PA trails (notorious for "PA pin stripes" from trees/rocks). Happy to hear everyone's thoughts on my new-to-me cruiser!
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Aug 8, 2012
Nice truck, leave it stock and buy something else (Jeep!) to trash around the trails. Are you sure its a JDM, BTW? Thought they mostly have one piece back windows...?


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I am in england
Mar 19, 2010
Watford, Herts - but can usually be found in the w
Welcome - that 80 looks really good, especially with the larger than stock tyres! Looks like it's a well maintained example. :thumbup:

Obviously the steering wheel being on the right side means it's the wrong side for you - but I'm sure that won't be an issue and glad to see it's become your daily driver.


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Feb 2, 2013
South Wales UK
Great looking truck and i shared your dilemma because i faced the same or else its evolution would be far more progressed , the way i see it is if its going to be my ideal truck then it has to do everything i want it to do . Off roading a wrecker is great fun but doing it in a truck you respect and care for requires a whole different mindset , its the greater challenge and more rewarding .

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I am in great_britain
Jan 8, 2013
Nice 80, looks really clean, I vote for use it as intended but as Shayne says it's a different mindset rather then abusing it.
I use mine and manage to keep it tidy, has it's share on scratches etc but can still shine.
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