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Need Left Front Brake Caliper for 1996 KZJ95… Source?


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Jan 29, 2022
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My 1996 Prado suddenly started pulling violently to the left with hard braking. My mechanic’s shop said the left front brake caliper is FUBAR and it and its hose will need replacing.

Where can I get these, preferably in the US (but I realize they may need to come from AU)? Were the same calipers used on any US models, like the 4Runner?

I saw some on eBay (LH + RH Front Brake Calipers for Landcruiser Prado KZJ95 RZJ95 VZJ95 1996~02 | eBay - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]) that looked like they would work, but the listing indicated it was for KZJ95R… what does the ‘R’ mean? I’m guessing they won’t work… is that correct? For US$400 (AU$700), I want to make sure this is what I need.

Any source on pads/rotors?

Thanks! is worth a look . Is your Prado a 70 series as i suspect or a 90 series ?
R means right hand drive. All the models in Australia are the R (ie VZJ95R).
Early 4runner calipers might be the same . is worth a look . Is your Prado a 70 series as i suspect or a 90 series ?
I believe my 1996 is a 90 series. How does one determine this? I thought 70 series were earlier than 1996, but I don’t know for sure.
R means right hand drive. All the models in Australia are the R (ie VZJ95R).
My vehicle is RHD… so this listing should work???
The 90 and 70 look very different. Just google 90 or 70 series Prado and you should be able to tell quickly.

I'd chance the calipers might fit myself but I can't be certain.
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Prado 70

Prado 90

Over simplified because a 90 is a 3 door and a 95 a 5 door , I'm not so familiar with the 70 series but i think it works the same way only 70 is short wheel base and 78 long ?
If its a 90 series most parts will fit any other 90 regardless of the badge and the 4runner used a lot of the same chassis set up with regards to suspension , front diff and i don't know what else .
If you visit to you can enter the VIN number and from that it’ll tell you quite a lot of information.
The VIN is formatted in this way:
  • 1st digit: Country of Manufacture
  • 2nd and 3rd digits: Manufacturer
  • 4th – 8th digits: Vehicle Brand, Engine Size, and Type
  • 9th digit: Security Code
  • 10th digit: Model Year
  • 11th digit: Plant of Assembly
  • 12th – 17th digits: Serial Number
I advise you to check carefully what is wrong before you buy and to check your mechanic’s advice. You said the vehicle pulls violently to the left under hard braking. That doesn’t tally with the front left brake not working. If it pulls to the left, then the left side is getting more braking effect than the right. It’s more likely that the front right is not working. Are you sure suspension is ok?

As for identifying your vehicle, look for the VIN plate. Mine is on the bulkhead behind the engine - see picture. Mine is a KZJ95R.


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Well done for questioning the mechanics advice Beastrider because it got me wondering exactly how can a cast lump of metal with replaceable moving parts get beyond repair ?

Get all 4 calipers off and send them to somebody for refurbishment and you will be astonished how braking improves .

In the UK we have these guys Bigg Red - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club] and its lazy logical efficiency to let them rebuild the calipers for you because they come back good as new .