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New member, currently at the research stage


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May 23, 2023
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Morning all. I just found the forum and joined. I've had a good read and you seem a friendly bunch. Be gentle, I'm clueless about Land Cruisers!

My name's Neil and I'm from Gloucestershire, UK. I've got a bit of off road experience both with work and during hobby time, and have owned various 4x4's over the last twenty odd years. A few Defenders, Ford Rangers, L200's, a Hilux and a Unimog - so a good broad spectrum of abilities. I always wanted a 79 series pickup but frankly, I don't think I can budget for one. We have a car for the wife/family and a work van for myself, so anything I get is in addition to that. Sub £10k is about where my toy budget is. Currently, it's a tractor and a BMW GS motorbike which I haven't learned to ride yet. I can be a little impulsive at times!

I think, from doing some basic research online, that an early 80 series will be about where I'm at. I want something vaguely comfortable (generally newer) but simple (generally old). That could well change but I'm a hammer, cable ties, spanners and a welder kind of guy. Some technology is ok I guess, but in my experience it's nice to be able to carry out repairs without needing a laptop. My mog didn't even have a stop solenoid - it was great!

I'm going to wander off and do a bit more reading now. I'll do my best to avoid asking questions that have been asked a million times before but I can't promise anything! I know how it is from forums where I have a better knowledge of their subject - it can be pretty frustrating giving the same answers over and over again to someone who can't be bothered to put a bit of effort in.

Cheers for having me and I'm sure I'll speak to many of you soon.

You won't be disappointed with an 80 series, ticks your boxes and much more.

Thanks. It seems to be about where I need to be looking. Just need to find a few to look at now, they seem pretty hard to come by
Only in Bristol if you want to pop by for a chat and can point out some areas to check on a 80.
Only in Bristol if you want to pop by for a chat and can point out some areas to check on a 80.

Now there's an offer I can't refuse. I'd be very grateful of that, thank you! Things are a bit crazy with work at the moment, but when they settle down I'll give you a shout and sort something out.

I got all excited for a moment but then spotted you've sold your 404. They're an interesting little Mog. A bit handicapped and breathless on the road but off road they're incredibly capable.
Yeah my Mog went a few years ago now. Was great offroad but depressing on the road. Only got it stuck once and that was in trees.
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I travelled all over the place to play with Mogs and made some good friends. Hampshire, Yorkshire, I drove mine to the midlands and it broke down when I was nearly there! It was a laugh getting it home.

The great thing about the 404 is that you can just about trailer it on the back of something like a big Land Cruiser or Land Rover. We shifted my 406 like that for a short distance, but it was 3.5t dry so it was a bit naughty and made the trailer groan. I had to get a commercial recovery guy to haul it home for me.
They are amazing to drive. I loved the straight cut gear noise. Coupled with the odd induction wobble really made it stand out.
You can't go wrong with a diesel 80 series! Just make sure you do your research like knowing when the big ends were last done..
I'm sure there's probably even a buyers guide thread on here which would have it all summarised into one place.