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New member - Introduction message



Hello all,
My name is Lionel Hebert but over the internet and in the 4x4 world, I'm
called just Lio (prononce in English 'Leo'). I'm 32 and live with my family
of (soon to be) 5 in the countryside west of Paris.
I always liked playing with cars and bikes, on- and off-road, but my passion
for 4x4 and off-roading really started 7 years ago, with the acquisition of
an abandonned FJ62 I put back on the ... trail ;o)
At the time we were living in the US and then we moved to France in 2001,
where I bought a LJ73. I loved that truck that was so omni-potent: small
enough for some fun local 'hard-core' outings with a soft-top in the summer;
and big enough for some long WE with the family, using the hardtop for
confort.... We ended up going all 4 for a 4 week trip on the trails of
Portugal (with the help of a home-made off-road trailer) and reached it's
limits: too small, too slow, too under-powered... We needed something bigger
and more road-worthy to satisfy our ever-growing envy to discover more
exotic destinations...
So earlier this year we bought a 92 HDJ80 BA with 2.5" OME lift and BFG A/T
Tires. Before the summer I had just the time to install my CB and 12V in the
back for the fridge, and we left to visit Slovenia, riding the trails and
wild camping of course ;o)
Well, that's about it for me. Hope I will have interesting and educating
discussions with the members of this list. Of course North Africa is a
destination we'll like to visit, but with main vacations in the summer and
young children, we will have to postpon that trip for a little while... In
the mean time we planned on visiting other countries, so having contacts
with cruiserheads around Europe is definitely a plus! :o)


On 8/22/05, HEBERT Lionel <[Email address removed]> wrote:
Hello Lio,
Welcome to the club. Nice to have a member from a country which,
unlike in the UK, has a whole magazine devoted to Landcruisers. I'm
sure you'll find there's lots of common interest on this forum in
technical and overlanding matters that will be of interest to you.
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80