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Oct 22, 2015
Recently purchased a very original 74 in Northern California. Had a friend helping me transport to a shop and top posts were so rusted the top blew right off the truck while being towed. So much for an all original truck. Not my favorite day! That said looking for a replacement top and side windows. There are a few out there intact. Wondering if a 78 top will fit 74 correctly. Side windows are different, but would work for now.

Thanks for any insight/suggestions you may have on finding and fitting a replacement top.


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Mar 6, 2010
Ugijar, Spain

Tops are like hen's teeth but you already knew that.
A top from a 78 should fit a 74 but :
Width will be fine but get the seller to measure from the post to the rear as if it's from a 43 it won't fit as they were longer.

Hope that helps. Oh and welcome to the forum
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